Why China?

This is our biggest question as a family by far....

"Why China? Why would you go to China and not adopt from America or somewhere else?"

This is actually a very good, legit question.

Here is our answer.

God called our family to International Adoption. When my Mom and Dad were dating my Dad told my Mom that he wanted to adopt a child from a foreign country. My Mom didn't feel that call that my Dad felt...yet.
Fast forward 11 years, My Mom goes to get a massage for her Mother's Day present in July {she ended up going a lot later than planned due to issues, thankfully the spa rescheduled...God had a plan!}
While she was there, the woman doing her spa treatment had just gotten back from China adopting her little girl. Seed Planted. The entire time all she talked about was how amazing and wonderful it was! When she was done my Mom got in the car, called my Dad and said "Hal I think we have a daughter in China" his response? "I have been praying you would say that for a long time. Let's go!"

So Why China?

It is as simple as this....

 God Called us there!

and who are we to deny God's calling?!
Because if we would have ignored His calling,

we would have missed out on two of the greatest blessings in the world...