Sunday, August 31, 2008

What do you do when there is a million other things you could be doing you ask???? Well you redesign your blog OF COURSE! lol I thought I would try more of a fall look since summer is almost over :'( I like how it turned out I think- You all are good at this- What do you think?

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tomorrow we are going to the BIG Clemson VS Alabama! My whole family ( well Mom, Dad, Brothers, & Anna Grace but ya know) I am SO excited! I can't wait! I hope Tigers WIN! (Sorry Shelley)

Today I had my first day of volleyball! It was great! I am SO looking forward to this season! Again thank you so much to everyone out there who was praying for me! Our first game is on September 8! YAY we gotta a lot of work today so we can be the BEST we can be!
Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

WOW today I have SO much to be thankful for! Here is what I am thankful for!

  1. My Wonderful family and friends!
  2. The good classes I am in-
  3. My house
  4. My brothers
  5. My Mei Mei
  6. Drinks (I would thirst to death)
  7. And the last thing I am thankful for is........................................................................................... I MADE THE VOLLEYBALL TEAM!!!!! YAY!!

I am SO excited thank you SO much for all of your prayers!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DollyWood Pictures!

Here are the pictures of our EXCELLENT weekend! We had SO much fun! It was great to see Maddie and Lillie and their Mommy and Daddy! Here are the pix!

Today 10 minutes before the bell rang for our school to be dismissed- We had to go into Code Grey- AKA Tornado Warning- It was really scary we were supposed to get out of school at 3:10 and instead we got out at 4:20 It was TORTURE thankfully everyone is OK but in another town there was a tornado that hit the ground! SO th whole reason I am posting this is to tell you all that Volleyball was canceled AGAIN!!! ARRRRGGGGHH
Enjoy the pictures!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I SOO Prettty like a Model

*Guys I am SO simple minded! lol I remeasured Annarella and she is actually 30inches! (she might not even be that tall) lol Sorry for the confusion*

That is Princess Annarella's new saying! She walks around and say that! It is toooo cute!!! that is still little but she is growing!!! She now wants us to call her Annarella! I don't know where she came up with that!! lol I think it is from her all-time FAVORITE song Cinderella by SCC- lol She misses Adam, Hayne, and I as we are going to school every morning before she gets up! She is SO excited when we get home though!!! I am SOOO sorry I haven't been updating! Since school started it has been CRAZY- I have volleyball right after school until 5:30 everyday and today started tryouts so again be PRAYING for me! (I know I am everywhere with this post)
Here are some pix of Annarella I took last week in her Chinese Pajamas and I think they turned out pretty cute! She was in an over excited mood so it wasn't easy to snap these pix b/c she was jumping all around! Hope you enjoy-

This weekend we went to Dollywood with Jake,Bobbi, Maddie, and Lillie! We had SO much fun! Lillie and Maddie are just babydolls and Annarella LOVES to play with them! This is how our weekend turned out:
On Friday I got home at 3:45 (no volleyball open gym) and we left our house at about 3:55- We went to my Dad's office and picked him up- We stopped by HotSp*t and got a FREE milkshake~ We left hotsp*t and were on our way by 4:38- We met Jake & Bobbi at Tex@s Road House for Dinner at 7:15 or so- We left there at about 9:00 or so and went to our "Cabin" type thing- We got up the next morning and had Belgian Waffles which were awesome as usual and then headed to Dollywo*d- It was SUPER hot and reallllllyy crowded but we still had a good time! While the girls' napped My Mom, Bobbi, and I went to the outlets! We went to C@rter's and got some really cute stuff for Annarella- We also went to the Di$ney Store but we couldn't find much- We went back to the cabin and just relaxed for the rest of the weekend! On Sunday we got up and were heading home- We drove by and realized DollyWo*d wasn't crowded so we went in! It was cool and uncrowded! We rodee everythig we wanted and got to play a game and I won a HUG $cooby Doo! It was a lot of fun! We had a great weekend! I will post some pix soon!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayne! or Hayney Grace as Princess would say! I LOVE you SOOO much and hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

UPDATE- Volleyball tryouts were moved to next Monday from 4-5pm! arrrrrggg Thanks for all of your prayers- and please continue to pray!

Today was the first day and it went great! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WAS PRAYING FOR ME! I started off in Science, then to Chorus, then to Adv. Math, then to Lunch, then to Gym, then to Social Studies, and then to Adv. ELA! I am in really good classes with a lot of my friends! I am SO thankful for that! I got my haircut yesterday and everyone who reads my Mom's blog would know that! I like it but it is REALLY short for me- I do not at ALL like putting pix of myself on the internet or showing pictures of myself to anyone! I do not like my picture being taken! My Mom took some this morning and they didn't turn out really well but I will post them just so you can see my hair- lol My Mom told me that Princess would say "I miss my Sissy and I sad" That SWEET SWEET baby! Could I love her anymore? She is my life and I missed her SO much today! After school today I went to open gym for Volleyball- Tomorrow I am trying out and would LOVE to make the team! Say a quick prayer if you get a chance that I will make it!! I hope to make but I don't know if I will- =) Here is a collage my Mom made today while I was at school! =[ Remember I don't enjoy showing pix of myself on here so this will be a rare time- lol ENJOY!

Wish Me Luck!

Today is the 1st Day of school! :o( I am SO upset we have to go back! My Mom just left along with My Dad, Nana, and Mema to take Adam and Hayne to school! My neighbor is going to pick me up and take me to the middle school with her son and some other neighbors! We carpool so it works out well when my Mom can't take or vise versa! I would stay at home if all possible but it is not- I am SO upset and worried about how this new year will turn out! Thank you to everyone who said a prayer for Hayne (and me)! This morning he got up happy and smiling- (sorta) We haven't seen the tears yet so we are doing good!Here is a pix that made me smile this morning but made me sad at the same time- Where has the time gone?????!?!?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love this little girl SO much! This verse explains how I feel perfectly! I can not for the life of me remember if it is in Psalms or what! I am going to have to go look it up!

This weekend was great! We had an awesome time just hanging around and not doing much! Yesterday we went down town and walked around which was nice! I took this picture this weekend and just love it! I am SO sad b/c this was our last weekend before school starts back- :( I am so sad and don't want to go back! I am going to miss my little Princess! She is going to miss us to! Sorry for such the quick update! I have to go help my Mom with Miss Anna Grace!

I need everyone out there to b praying for my little brother Hayne- He is starting Kindergarten on Tuesday and it is going to be tough! Please Pray he does well and adjust to this verrry new setting! It is going to be a sad day! Have a great Sunday!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I took this pix today and I loved how it turned out She was telling me to shhhhhh b/c the froggy (statue thing we have outside) was sleeping!! I just wish there wasn't a glare on her glasses! Her hair is getting so long we are going to have to go get her first haircut soon! Well here is my first Favorite Foto Friday!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Blog Design

I just redesigned my blog! Tell me what you think! Do you like this design or this the old design better? Tell me what you think! I don't know if some of you can remember what it looked like but tell me what you think about this design!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

6 Word Wednesday

and I am super SAD!

(I had to add that b/c it is sooooo true!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

You know it's bad....................

You know it is bad when you walk outside and your 22 month old sister starts saying "Sissy we take pitures??" lol That is what happened this weekend-

Here are the pictures Princess suggested us taking! lol

This isn't the best pix (or the cutest outfit but she is to small for her cuter ones!) but when Football Season starts we will have plenty!

*when I said Tigers I meant Clemson Tigers! I just thought I would clarify that! lol Since I am not the smartest person I wasn't thinking that there were other Tigers out there! Sorry about the confusion!! lol*

Friday, August 8, 2008


One of My Favorite pictures I took in Beijing!
Another Favorite!
The Bird's Nest!!!!!!!!!!! (Still under construction!)
Today I am SO excited! The Olympics are finally here! I can't wait it will be amazing to be like "I was there" or "I saw that!" I just can't wait! When we were in China our amazing guide took us to see the "Bird's Nest" which is where the opening ceremonies will be held! I am in more shock that we have been home for over 1 year!! It is amazing how time flies! I can't believe in 30 more minutes we get to see the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! I also am excited b/c it is in Princess' home country! Hope you all enjoy Beijing 2008 Olympics!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today there is SO much to be thankful for- I don't know if I can put them all SO here are some-

  • My Wonderful Family
  • Being able to walk which SO many people take for granted
  • My vision- I have learned this week that that is really something to be thankful for
  • My Little China Princess
  • Our health
  • The life I have- I am so blessed and sometimes I forget how truly blessed I really am-
  • The AH-MAZING summer we have had-
  • 2 more weeks of summer- (Thank the Lord! I am really not looking forward to going back)
  • The Rain-
  • AIR CONDITIONING!!! I would DIE w/o it! lol It is 102 degrees according to Y@hoo
Those are a few things I am thankful for! Tomorrow we are going to Carowinds! I am excited to go! This will be Princess' 2nd time going since she has been home! My Dad is taking his work there for Employee appreciation Day! We are going to fry tomorrow! lol
I wanted to post a few more conversations I have been have with Princess!

P- Hey Sissy!
Me- Hey Baby
P- Let me see your belly
Me- Um OK I show her my belly- lol
(We play with her and say "Look at that Pretty Belly" when we are putting Ocean (Lotion) on her but other than that I don't know where she got this from! lol)
P-OHHH- (She pulls my shirt down) You got ugly belly Sissy-
Me- Thanks Anna
P- You welcome
She starts rubbing her belly saying "Ohh You so pretty belly" lol what are we going to do with her- lol

The other day I was sitting at the computer and she walks in singing "So I will dance with Annarella while she is hear in my arms cause I know somethin da Pwince neber knew- ho woh woh oh I will dance with................ SISSY YOU SING!
Me- What's the magic word
Me- so I will dance with Cinderella
P- NO sissy Annarella
She cracks me up sometimes!

Here are the songs she sings at any random moment-
Cinderella- SCC
Someday My Prince will come- some Disney Princess I am not sure which though!
Sesame Street- self explanatory
Veggie Tales- self explanatory
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Unknown
Jesus Loves Me- Unknown
Clean Up- Barney
I love you- Barney
Last Name- Carrie Underwood
Happy Birthday- Unknown
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E- Mickey Mouse (i guess??)
MickEy Mouse Club H0use Theme Song- Unknown
Elmo's World- Elmo

Those are all I can remember right now- I also have some videos of her talking that I wanna post!

Don't forget to check out my new blog designs website! :o)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If anyone would like me to design their blog I set up a website that you can go to and email me from- I am getting bored so I thought it would be a fun way to pass time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gatti Town

Yesterday we went to Gatti Town with Jodi and her Boys and Kamden! We had SOO much fun and stayed for 5 hrs.. lol We got a 3 hr. game card and for 3 straight hours we played every possible game playable! Max and I raced like 10 times and all I can remember is winning 3rd place twice! We played games and got Princess a Panda holding a heart! (Panda's are what Princess' providence is known for) We also won her a Winnie the Pooh which she loves! Adam and Cole spent (no joke) 45 minutes probably on this racing game!! lol They had sooooo much fun! :o] I am not really sure what else I could write about Gatti Town so I will Post a video of Princess talking! Lexie had left a comment in a previous post that I should video her talking............ SO I did! Thanks Lexie for the advice! I will upload more but this is all I have right now! Also here is an update on Princess!

Here is my Update on Princess-

  1. She is talking up a storm!
  2. Her all-time favorite song is Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman (which is a sad song for me and my mom) We have to hold her in our arms and dance with her when we play that song which is 10,000 times a day! :o] But I don't mind I enjoy it!
  3. She is about 20.2lbs and really little! She is in 6-12 month clothes still and can wear SOME 12-18 but not much! She's our little Peanut!
  4. Now don't let her size fool you she is a firecracker and can boss us around! She rules us and knows it! lol
  5. She loves to eat! Her favorites are Fwuit Woops, (Froot Loops) Cheewios, Cheee Its, (Cheez Its) and her favorite fruits are camilope (Cantaloupe) and Gwapes (Grapes)
  6. She LOVES her glasses she has only taken them off 3 times **Knock on Wood Knock On Wood**
  7. She Loves herself
  8. and is growing up wayy to fast in a little over 2 months my baby will be 2 ='0 *tear tear*

Also don't forget tomorrow a 7:00am Steven Curtis Chapman and his family will be on Good Morning America!! I know I will be watching!!! (TiVoing (I know its not a word but oh well) it most likely then watchng it at like 10:00 once I am awake!!!!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

"She can see clearly now with her glasses on......."

This pix is my favorite! But makes me sad-- :o)
Little Miss Princess now has glasses! She looks like a baby doll I think! Here is how our day went:

Princess got up at about 8 and my Mom got up at about 8:30- (I got up at 7:15) My Mom made waffles as I talked about in the previous post- At about 9a.m. they called us and said her glasses were in and ready- At first I was excited but then I got sad thinking about her wearing glasses- We left the house at about 10:30 (remember we had 3 little kids ( Adam is not really little but you get my point :]) to dress and bathe so we were doing good :] ) We got to the eye doctor at about 11 and were put on the waiting list at about 11:30 they came with her glasses- Since she is SO little they had to put hoops on the back of her glasses so they would stay on-( She screamed and cried when they first put them on and once we lft the office she was fine!)
Her glasses
That in its self took a good 20-25 minutes- They put her glasses on and she just started looking around and it was like she saw a whole new world- We then realized they had to fix the bridge of her glasses b/c she has nothing to hold them up :] That took another 15 minutes to get that fixed while he was doing that Princess was screaming her head off b/c she HATES doctors/doctors offices- They put her glasses on and she quickly told My Mom, Nana, and myself that it was time to leave! She said "Hum awn Mama" "Hum awn Sissy" Hum AWN Nana" lol Mema was in the car with Adam and Hayne- After the eye doctor we went to Chuck E. Cheese (Princess' favorite place to go :] )we stayed at CEC with Nana and Mema for a little over 2 hours! Afterwards we went to get our brave little Princess a toy from "Toys R Us" She got an Elmo doctors kit which she loves! We went to Nana's after all o that and let her take a nap- Now we are home and she is in my lap listening to Sesame Street on YOUTUBE!

Here are the pictures from her BIG Day! I also added a video of her getting the glasses!! Hope you enjoy!! :o)
On the ride to the eye doctor
My siblings!

Waiting to get her glasses

Here is the video of her getting her glasses!!! :o)


Hayne being silly!

I got a video of her talking to me tonight and will post that later!!
ENJOY! Continue to pray for Princess as she adjust to her glasses and Pray she won't rip them off her head! :o) Have a great weekend

Ashton and Princess

**PS Pray for My family and I as we sorta kinda have a sick house right now and let me just tell you it is NOT fun- Please Pray we are all feeling better soon!! Tomorrow would be lovely- Today would be awesome**

Thanks for your prayers!

We are all
{knock on wood} feeling a lot better today!! Thank you again for all your prayers**

Princess got some Bling Bling

Sorry its a little blurry!

Yesterday after I dressed Princess she wanted to play with her dress up stuff- She has like 30 play necklaces and chose 10 different ones to wear- She looked adorable and walked around like she knew it!! To Top it off she put her "Pwetty gwasses" on as she calls them- :] and thought she was hot stuff! lol
She is starting to talk up a storm- She is speaking like 8 word sentences! Here are some conversations we have!

Princess- Hey Sissy! Howa you today-
Me- I'm good how are you
Princess- Fine
we sit for a minute and she doesn't say anything
Princess- Talk ta me Sis Talk ta me
Me- OK whatcha wanna talk about
Princess- I said Talk ta me Sis TALK TA ME!
Me- OK OK What are you doing Princess?
Princess- Nuffin
Me-Are you happy
Princess- Suwa "sure"
Princess- Jesus loves me dis I know for da bible tell me so wittle ones to him belong they are weak but he is strong! YAY for Anna! *claps b/c she is so proud of herself*

Me- Anna Grace heres your Icee
Princess- I no want that
Me- Ok what do you want
Princess- Ieee
Me- Heres your Icee
Princess- UHHH I no want that Sissy I NO want that!

Then the other day I was walking around the house and couldn't find her- So I said "Anna where are you?"
Princess- I wight here!
Me- Ok well come here-
Princess- Sissy where are you?
Me- I right Here-
Princess- OK I coming!

Then the most recent- This morning- I am on th laptop while she is right beside me eating Cheez-Its

Princess- Don't eat my chee its Sissy DON'T EAT MY CHEE ITS SISSY!!!!!!!!
Me- OK OK I won't

The bad thing is I wasn't even looking or touching her or the "chee its" lol

Also just in-
My mom just got a new Belgian Waffle Maker and the waffles are UMMMMM UMMMM GOOD!! As Princess would say!

Hope you all have a great Weekend!!