Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gatti Town

Yesterday we went to Gatti Town with Jodi and her Boys and Kamden! We had SOO much fun and stayed for 5 hrs.. lol We got a 3 hr. game card and for 3 straight hours we played every possible game playable! Max and I raced like 10 times and all I can remember is winning 3rd place twice! We played games and got Princess a Panda holding a heart! (Panda's are what Princess' providence is known for) We also won her a Winnie the Pooh which she loves! Adam and Cole spent (no joke) 45 minutes probably on this racing game!! lol They had sooooo much fun! :o] I am not really sure what else I could write about Gatti Town so I will Post a video of Princess talking! Lexie had left a comment in a previous post that I should video her talking............ SO I did! Thanks Lexie for the advice! I will upload more but this is all I have right now! Also here is an update on Princess!

Here is my Update on Princess-

  1. She is talking up a storm!
  2. Her all-time favorite song is Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman (which is a sad song for me and my mom) We have to hold her in our arms and dance with her when we play that song which is 10,000 times a day! :o] But I don't mind I enjoy it!
  3. She is about 20.2lbs and really little! She is in 6-12 month clothes still and can wear SOME 12-18 but not much! She's our little Peanut!
  4. Now don't let her size fool you she is a firecracker and can boss us around! She rules us and knows it! lol
  5. She loves to eat! Her favorites are Fwuit Woops, (Froot Loops) Cheewios, Cheee Its, (Cheez Its) and her favorite fruits are camilope (Cantaloupe) and Gwapes (Grapes)
  6. She LOVES her glasses she has only taken them off 3 times **Knock on Wood Knock On Wood**
  7. She Loves herself
  8. and is growing up wayy to fast in a little over 2 months my baby will be 2 ='0 *tear tear*

Also don't forget tomorrow a 7:00am Steven Curtis Chapman and his family will be on Good Morning America!! I know I will be watching!!! (TiVoing (I know its not a word but oh well) it most likely then watchng it at like 10:00 once I am awake!!!!)


Lexie said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time!!

Thats GREAT that she is doing SO well with her glasses!

SarahHub said...

What a great update! Must be something about Asian girls -- my daughter just hit the 20 lb. mark and she's 18 months old!

Marla said...

Princess is one lucky little girl to have such a good big sister. Gattiland is always so much fun.

Leslie said...

I love Steven Curtis Chapman too! Cinderella is a beautiful song!

Your Jei Jei is sooo much like my Abby!!!! CUTE!

Jodi said...

WE HAD A BLAST WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! IT WAS A PERFECT AFTERNOON! WE WERE IN AIR CONDITIONING (praise the LORD!), HAD TWO MEALS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (lol!), PLAYED GAMES (don't forget winning the candy bars!) AND WE WERE WITH OUR BEST FRIENDS ON EARTH! Loved sweet Anna's glasses! She has touches of "bling, bling" in extra spots! We love you Chick-A-Dee!

Rachel and Natalies Mommy said...

Wow - the little princess really is a peanut. She's so adorable!!!

Natalie is 6 months old now and weighs 20 pounds and Rachel will be 2 next Tuesday and she's only 23 pounds :)

I had to leave a comment though because Natalie wears the same clothes Rachel does now (18-24m) and they are in the same size diaper, too. It's crazy!

Give the princess a hug from Rachel & Natalie :)

Karen and Bob said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your girl is adorable! I see some similarities between her and my daughter.

forever sisters said...

Hi its great getting to talk yo u again!!!!!

sara said...

You DID watch it!! they are such amazing people. Praying for them....