Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Princess Diapies

A few nights ago my Mom was up with Princess and she had a wet diaper. My Mom went into her room and got her a diaper. This is how it went according to my Mom.......

Mom: You have a wet diaper Baby Girl
Princess: Ottay Momma
Mom: (Grabs her a diaper)
Princess: Thank you Momma
Mom: (so asleep she didn't hear her)
Princess: YOUR WELCOME PRINCESS (looking at my Mom like "That is what you should have said")
Mom: Alright lets go change your diaper
Princess: Princess Diapie Princess Diapie (almost singing it!!!)
She cracks me up!!! I love how when she gets mad she gibbers and jabbers at us in something that sounds a lot like Mandarin!!! haha- She loves to go play in our garage in her doll house and walk around with a baby (like my Mom does with her) She walks around saying "Clean Up" "Clean Up Ammy" (what she calls Adam!!!) I think she says that b/c my Mom is always walking around the house telling my brothers to clean up their mess!! Off to take care of Princess!!
**My Uncle is on his way home from Afghanistan right now PLEASE pray for his safety as he travels home he is in Kuwait right now. Please pray he makes it to the USA safely!!**

Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Old am I???

Well to answer your ? i am 12!! I know i am a lot younger than most people that blog!! haha Sorry I forgot to answer your ??!!! Thank You Lexie for reminding me!!! The poll was pretty much on target it was two votes off from right!! Most people thought i was 13!! I will be 13 on September 20.......................... So it is not that far away!!! About 4-5 months!! Remember to vote on the NEW poll!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!! :o)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Princess in our Presence

Princess is getting to be more like a "Princess" than EVER!!! She loves to tell people what to do, How to do it, and Where to do it!!! She is SOOO funny!!! My Mom put a crown on her and she wore it long enough for her to snap some pix!!! It is too cute to watch a 19lb little girl boss an 50lb little boy around and even funnier to watch her boss my Dad around- Here is what a normal conversation with Princess is:

Princess: Sit Dada
Dad: No baby that is OK
Dad: OK Anna
Princess: Good Dada
Princess: 'Mon Dada Up
Dad: OK where now
Princess: Fowo Me Dada 'Mon 'Mon Dada
Dad: I coming baby
Princess: (walks a few steps) OK sit Dada
That is how she tells us what she wants!! It is SOO funny- When you hear her it is funnier- Here are the pix!!! Hope you enjoy!! Have a GREAT weekend!!! :o)This is not a great collage but it will do for now i guess??

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Blog Design

I just changed my blog design- AGAIN!!! Hope you all like it!! Tell me what you think :o) Do you like the new design or the Chinese take-out boxes better???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warm Weather!!!!!

I am the boss!!!
We are now finally getting WARM WEATHER!!!! Princess LOVES to be outside sween (swing) haha She would sit on a Swing for hours and hours!!! We only have 31 days of school left!!! YAY We are SO excited if we want to be technical we have about 2 1/2 weeks b/c of PACT!! We are realllllllllllyy glad about that- Princess has about 9 teeth now!!! yay ***NOTE Princess only had 1 tooth 2 months ago*** We will be opening our pool in a couple of weeks!!!!!! I love having our pool open b/c we can just go in our backyard and jump in the pool (not literally but pretty much) lol We can't wait to take Princess swimming in our pool!!! Yes she did go last year but she was SO little and it was August so she it was sorta cold- She didn't really like the water then either!! Hope you all have a GREAT week!! I love the pix of Princess it was when we had been home from China for about a week!! Man I miss that place!!! haha
I know i jumped around a lot on this post!!hehe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just For Fun!!

We took some pix of Princess in the Minnie Mouse dress she refused to wear in Disney World!!! She looked so cute!!! My Mom went to see Jon & Kate plus 8!!! She loved it they have such a good testimony about how God has worked in their lives!!! I went to my brothers soccer game this morning and it pored- Poor Princess was soaked!!! But she was a trooper!!! Adam had a baseball game that we skipped (Princess, Hayne, and I) b/c of the rain- We stayed at home and ate lunch and my Dad got home at like 3:00 (the game started at 12:30) So we were glad we didn't take Princess!!!I gotta go Princess just woke up from her nap-Here is the pix!! BTW-Be sure to vote on the poll-

Friday, April 18, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday

I love this pix of Princess- This was when we were in China......... Like the 3rd day we had her!!! She seems to be looking like "What Me???? No never I am perfect!!" Tell me what you think of it- Oh and the winner of the poll is Target!!! The one I voted for!!! (only once) lol I love Target-- Hope you enjoy the collage!!! Vote on the new poll above!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

3 weeks and counting......................

Well I am SO excited in 3 weeks we will get to see some of our travel mates, Kara, Meighan, and Deb!!! Ken and Deb went to China with us to get the girls'!! I have become good friends with Kara!!! The are coming down to SC from Pennsylvania!! Kara has a blog like me about her Mei Mei so check it out

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Princess Blogs

Well this might be completely crazy and random from me but............................................................ I have decided to start doing blog makeovers for people who would like a new blog design. It is going to be free (of course) lol- I don't know if anyone will want a blog makeover but i decided to do it anyway!!! I named it Princess Blogs b/c Princess as you all know is my nickname for Anna Grace- so]check it out Princess Blogs
So please tell me what you think o my crazy random idea-

Monday, April 14, 2008

By request.................................

Well by request (request coming from Lexie) lol I am going to explain the microphone at Princess's face in the pix above............ Well while we were in China we had some people at home who were planning our homecoming and trying to make it the best it would be!!! They made posters, T-shirts, HUGE banners, and called FOX CAROLINA NEWS STATION!!! They had it in Princess's face b/c she was talking (like ALWAYS!!! lol) They interviewed all of us and it premiered the next night (Saturday) at the 10 o'clock news!!! While I was interviewed they asked how good of a sister Princess was- I said "I couldn't have asked for a better sister" They showed that during the clip-The reason I shared is b/c I am going to TRY my very best to post the video- We recorded it- So MAYBE you will see that video clip thing!!! BTW- I was wondering if anyone else watched "The Biggest Loser Couples" ??? I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I want Ali to win!!! Hope you enjoyed the story Lexie-

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This time 9 months ago........

WOW I can not believe 9 months ago we were on our way home from china!!! WOW how time flies!! Hope you all are having a great weekend- It amazing the difference 9 months made in Princess!! BTW- I totally forgot to do a 9 months w/ Princess on the 2nd so this collage sorta goes with that too!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look at what Princess did.................... & her 1st (real) pigtails!!!

Well this morning i was watching Princess- I went into the bathroom to grab my hairbrush and of course Princess followed.................... She was walking around and i said "Come on Anna"- I thought she was behind me but apparently not....................... When i turned around she wasn't there so i went back to the bathroom to find this........................................................

Yea Princess found the crayons and got creative and drew all over the toilet seat and in the tub!!! I saw her doing this and ran to get the camera- i snapped these pix and then told her not to do that- She kindly handed the crayons over and marched out of the bathroom like "You left me in there and it is your fault" i laughed and left the mess for my parents to see when they wake up!! One thing i now know................................................ Never leave a 19 month old in a bathroom w/o supervision!!! lol- Here is Princess with her 1st real Pigtails!!! i took them yesterday while i was watching Princess-
Isn't she cute??? I love her mad face-

Friday, April 11, 2008

Proud to be American

Look at what we got from my Uncle Johnny today.................................................................................................................................................................

I made sure there was an arrow to point out who he is-

Yup we got a pix from my Uncle Johnny who is serving our country in Afghanistan!!!! We were thrilled!!! He has 2 more nights in Afghanistan and he starts his journey home to the USA. He will be in NC for 2 weeks before he comes home!! They will have a HUGE parade to welcome some of the National Guards home!! There are 1800 and 65 were brought home today!!! We are so excited!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep him in your prayers as he prepares to come home- We all can not wait- Here is the original pix he sent us but i used a program to edit and do stuff to it!! Princess can't wait to see UNLE JOHNNY-
Is that not an AWESOME pix???

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We're Home!!! :(

Sorry for NO updates during WDW- It was crazy- We didn't have internet and even if we did i wouldn't have had any time to update- We were getting back to the room at like 12 am so i was SUPER tired but it was OK we still had a blast!!
Since i didn't update at all while we were gone i am going to post the first 2 days of the trip and then do more later like within a week i will have updated the entire trip- It is just too much for 1 post

On thursday we flew into Orlando- our flight landed at about 2pm we then got on 'Disney's Magical Express' and head off to the hotel- Their were three hotels the bus was stopping at- It turned out we were the last one!!! lol :( We sat on a charter bus for 45 minutes and got to our hotel at about 4pm- We then went and got some lunch at the cafeteria and got some lunch! Afterwards we went to the hotel and got cleaned up and changed princess into different clothes- We then headed for the Magic Kingdom!! We were able to do the Laugh Factory and Stich's Great Escape and Buzz Lightyear ride thingy!!! lol It rained pretty hard so we headed to CM- We left MK and went to Chef Mickeys!!! We had so much fun and princess loved the food- But after about 10 minutes the characters started walking towards our table and.......well.......... princess didn't like that!!!! lol She screamed and turned and slapped (at us) she hated them- Here are the pix of Chef Mickeys, Magic Kingdom and Flying to Orlando!! Princess unfortunately did not get her haircut in Disney World- :(

That was pretty much Day 1- The next day [friday] We went to Animal Kingdom!! It then started to rain a good bit on and off all day- We did get to go see a lot of shows though!! During Finding Nemo the musical it was cancelled!! We have no idea why though!! After Animal Kingdom we went to eat dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the ugly/evil step sisters and evil step mother!! It was great!! We had so much fun!!! Princess sorta liked them- SORTA being the KEY word- Here are the pix...............

DAY 3- On Saturday we went to Epcot!! I love Epcot b/c of the countries- OF COURSE we went to China!!! It was so much fun!! They all loved princess and thought she was precious!!(who doesn't) lol They would say Nie-Hao Friend!! It was so cute- We had breakfast with the princesses and guess who was there???!?!??!!!? MULAN!!!! We were SO excited to see Mulan and princess didn't hate her like the rest of the characters- Princess had an odd way of liking the characters- She love and adored them from a distance but when we got close to them like right beside them she screamed and slapped- But she liked Mulan- Mulan gave her a kiss and left lipstick on her cheek!! It was SO sweet!!!! We also saw Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty- It was GREAT!!!!!! The pix will be posted later but for now here is a pix of Mulan kissing Princess

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Signing Off............(Well sorta)

I'm signing off for just a little while..................We leave for Disney tomorrow!! Our plane takes off at 12:25!! We will go into Magic Kingdom tomorrow afternoon and then go to Chef Mickeys!!! We are SO excited! I will most likely update on Friday or so, so i guess i am not really Signing off [well not for long anyway!] Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!!

♥- Ashton

Princess is thrilled to go see "Mick Mouse"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! and the Zoo

Sarah turned 2 on Friday the 28th so to celebrate they had her a party on Saturday!! It was so much fun!! We also got to Lana (another baby from our group) at the party!! It was great the boys' got to hunt eggs so did the little ones Anna Grace, Sarah, Lana, and Megan (a baby adopted from China also)!! The girls' had a great time and played and Anna Grace loved seeing her Xiushan Sisters again!!! It was so much fun- Here are some pix!! I used this collage from my Mom's blog!!
We had a ton of fun!!!! Can't wait to see y'all again soon!!
My Mom took Hayne and Anna Grace to the zoo on Friday so i added some pix of them their!! Hayne loves Anna Grace SO much and has taken the change from being the baby to the big brother so well!! He is always making sure she stays out of the bathroom (for some odd reason she likes the toilet???) lol She Loves Hayne (HEY-N) and calls him Hayney!! He is such a blessing- I am a blessed Jie Jie!!

**Click to enlarge**