Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Princess Diapies

A few nights ago my Mom was up with Princess and she had a wet diaper. My Mom went into her room and got her a diaper. This is how it went according to my Mom.......

Mom: You have a wet diaper Baby Girl
Princess: Ottay Momma
Mom: (Grabs her a diaper)
Princess: Thank you Momma
Mom: (so asleep she didn't hear her)
Princess: YOUR WELCOME PRINCESS (looking at my Mom like "That is what you should have said")
Mom: Alright lets go change your diaper
Princess: Princess Diapie Princess Diapie (almost singing it!!!)
She cracks me up!!! I love how when she gets mad she gibbers and jabbers at us in something that sounds a lot like Mandarin!!! haha- She loves to go play in our garage in her doll house and walk around with a baby (like my Mom does with her) She walks around saying "Clean Up" "Clean Up Ammy" (what she calls Adam!!!) I think she says that b/c my Mom is always walking around the house telling my brothers to clean up their mess!! Off to take care of Princess!!
**My Uncle is on his way home from Afghanistan right now PLEASE pray for his safety as he travels home he is in Kuwait right now. Please pray he makes it to the USA safely!!**


Lexie said...

Hah! So funny!! Love it!

I will be praying!

forever sisters said...

one more week!!!!!!!!!!!!