Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Princess Blogs

Well this might be completely crazy and random from me but............................................................ I have decided to start doing blog makeovers for people who would like a new blog design. It is going to be free (of course) lol- I don't know if anyone will want a blog makeover but i decided to do it anyway!!! I named it Princess Blogs b/c Princess as you all know is my nickname for Anna Grace- so]check it out Princess Blogs
So please tell me what you think o my crazy random idea-


Shawnstribe said...

Im so glad you popped by : )
i love your blog, and your precious princess has changed so so so much since you were united.
What a stunning babe she is.
love from across the seas

Lexie said...

Oh!! This is exciting!!!! My mom just randomly found out how to do blog makeovers! Idk where that came from! AND it happened RIGHT after i got my blog redone...sheesh...
check our www.quiltforkarleighmei.blogspot.com - thats the blog she just did...and she is so totally proud! hahahaha!! Except she can't do fun headers yet. I should have just asked my mom whenever me and you were trying to email back and forth learning how to do it...oh well.
BTW i keep meaning to tell you that i LOVE your blog!! SO CUTE!

Jenn said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. I JUST figured out how to add all the pretty papers to my blog. I'm still figuring out how to do a pretty header though.

How cool are you to do blogs for free!! You are too sweet!! :o)

Your mei mei is a DOLL!!

Jenn (Lexie's mom)