Thursday, April 10, 2008

We're Home!!! :(

Sorry for NO updates during WDW- It was crazy- We didn't have internet and even if we did i wouldn't have had any time to update- We were getting back to the room at like 12 am so i was SUPER tired but it was OK we still had a blast!!
Since i didn't update at all while we were gone i am going to post the first 2 days of the trip and then do more later like within a week i will have updated the entire trip- It is just too much for 1 post

On thursday we flew into Orlando- our flight landed at about 2pm we then got on 'Disney's Magical Express' and head off to the hotel- Their were three hotels the bus was stopping at- It turned out we were the last one!!! lol :( We sat on a charter bus for 45 minutes and got to our hotel at about 4pm- We then went and got some lunch at the cafeteria and got some lunch! Afterwards we went to the hotel and got cleaned up and changed princess into different clothes- We then headed for the Magic Kingdom!! We were able to do the Laugh Factory and Stich's Great Escape and Buzz Lightyear ride thingy!!! lol It rained pretty hard so we headed to CM- We left MK and went to Chef Mickeys!!! We had so much fun and princess loved the food- But after about 10 minutes the characters started walking towards our table and.......well.......... princess didn't like that!!!! lol She screamed and turned and slapped (at us) she hated them- Here are the pix of Chef Mickeys, Magic Kingdom and Flying to Orlando!! Princess unfortunately did not get her haircut in Disney World- :(

That was pretty much Day 1- The next day [friday] We went to Animal Kingdom!! It then started to rain a good bit on and off all day- We did get to go see a lot of shows though!! During Finding Nemo the musical it was cancelled!! We have no idea why though!! After Animal Kingdom we went to eat dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the ugly/evil step sisters and evil step mother!! It was great!! We had so much fun!!! Princess sorta liked them- SORTA being the KEY word- Here are the pix...............

DAY 3- On Saturday we went to Epcot!! I love Epcot b/c of the countries- OF COURSE we went to China!!! It was so much fun!! They all loved princess and thought she was precious!!(who doesn't) lol They would say Nie-Hao Friend!! It was so cute- We had breakfast with the princesses and guess who was there???!?!??!!!? MULAN!!!! We were SO excited to see Mulan and princess didn't hate her like the rest of the characters- Princess had an odd way of liking the characters- She love and adored them from a distance but when we got close to them like right beside them she screamed and slapped- But she liked Mulan- Mulan gave her a kiss and left lipstick on her cheek!! It was SO sweet!!!! We also saw Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, and Sleeping Beauty- It was GREAT!!!!!! The pix will be posted later but for now here is a pix of Mulan kissing Princess


Holly said...

Awww great pictures! I especially love the one of Mulan kissing her. That is so sweet! And Anna Grace looks ADORABLE in her little princess dress! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

Lexie said...

Hey! Looks like y'all had a BLAST! I kept thinking about y'all...wishing i was there...hahah! :0)

Loved the pictures!!!! So much funn! She just looks like an absolute DOLL in the little princess dress....too sweet!

I know what it is like to come home after an amazing trip...:0(

Talk to you sooN!

Dena said...

What fun! Disney is the best and Animal Kingdom is my FAVORITE! What great pictures!