Friday, April 25, 2008

Princess in our Presence

Princess is getting to be more like a "Princess" than EVER!!! She loves to tell people what to do, How to do it, and Where to do it!!! She is SOOO funny!!! My Mom put a crown on her and she wore it long enough for her to snap some pix!!! It is too cute to watch a 19lb little girl boss an 50lb little boy around and even funnier to watch her boss my Dad around- Here is what a normal conversation with Princess is:

Princess: Sit Dada
Dad: No baby that is OK
Dad: OK Anna
Princess: Good Dada
Princess: 'Mon Dada Up
Dad: OK where now
Princess: Fowo Me Dada 'Mon 'Mon Dada
Dad: I coming baby
Princess: (walks a few steps) OK sit Dada
That is how she tells us what she wants!! It is SOO funny- When you hear her it is funnier- Here are the pix!!! Hope you enjoy!! Have a GREAT weekend!!! :o)This is not a great collage but it will do for now i guess??


Lexie said...

Hey! How funny! Too CUTE!
I was hoping you'd tell us how old you've got me wondering now! ;-)