Monday, April 14, 2008

By request.................................

Well by request (request coming from Lexie) lol I am going to explain the microphone at Princess's face in the pix above............ Well while we were in China we had some people at home who were planning our homecoming and trying to make it the best it would be!!! They made posters, T-shirts, HUGE banners, and called FOX CAROLINA NEWS STATION!!! They had it in Princess's face b/c she was talking (like ALWAYS!!! lol) They interviewed all of us and it premiered the next night (Saturday) at the 10 o'clock news!!! While I was interviewed they asked how good of a sister Princess was- I said "I couldn't have asked for a better sister" They showed that during the clip-The reason I shared is b/c I am going to TRY my very best to post the video- We recorded it- So MAYBE you will see that video clip thing!!! BTW- I was wondering if anyone else watched "The Biggest Loser Couples" ??? I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I want Ali to win!!! Hope you enjoyed the story Lexie-


Lexie said...


Thanks so much!! That is way to exciting!! I would LOVE to see that video. Y'all have some good homecoming planners...haha!! I guess i will be considered a homecoming planner...hmm...gonna have to do something good. hahah!!

Thanks again!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Ali HAS TO WIN!!!!!!! I am so into it!!!!! I also love the comment from "taytay" above. She obviously didn't like my post! :-)


Holly said...

Oh that is really neat! I hope you will be able to post the video too! And yes I LOVE the Biggest Loser and am very excited for the finale tonight! And yes, I am hoping that Ali will win! A woman just HAS to win this season!!