Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warm Weather!!!!!

I am the boss!!!
We are now finally getting WARM WEATHER!!!! Princess LOVES to be outside sween (swing) haha She would sit on a Swing for hours and hours!!! We only have 31 days of school left!!! YAY We are SO excited if we want to be technical we have about 2 1/2 weeks b/c of PACT!! We are realllllllllllyy glad about that- Princess has about 9 teeth now!!! yay ***NOTE Princess only had 1 tooth 2 months ago*** We will be opening our pool in a couple of weeks!!!!!! I love having our pool open b/c we can just go in our backyard and jump in the pool (not literally but pretty much) lol We can't wait to take Princess swimming in our pool!!! Yes she did go last year but she was SO little and it was August so she it was sorta cold- She didn't really like the water then either!! Hope you all have a GREAT week!! I love the pix of Princess it was when we had been home from China for about a week!! Man I miss that place!!! haha
I know i jumped around a lot on this post!!hehe


Lexie said...

What a cute, cute photo!! Ah! man i can't wait for summer!!

That is one of the things that i just imagine doing with a little sister-swimming...:0) tell me what its like! :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh how I love this picture... to cute...