Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Old am I???

Well to answer your ? i am 12!! I know i am a lot younger than most people that blog!! haha Sorry I forgot to answer your ??!!! Thank You Lexie for reminding me!!! The poll was pretty much on target it was two votes off from right!! Most people thought i was 13!! I will be 13 on September 20.......................... So it is not that far away!!! About 4-5 months!! Remember to vote on the NEW poll!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!! :o)


Lexie said...

Haha! Thanks! I did not know that you were 12! I thought 13 or maybe 14 because I have 12 year old brother...and geesh you are way more mature then him! Haha! Guess you learn something new everyday! :0)
Gonna go vote on your new poll!

Lilly's Sissy said...

hey there!
SOrry I haven't stopped by in awhile. Hope things are going good, the blog looks great!