Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

My Uncle Johnny and I in 1998 at his bootcamp graduation!

Today is a very memorable day for our family for many reasons.
Today we celebrate the men and women who so faithfully serve our country and put their lives on the line for us. everyday. This hits close to my family because my Uncle Johnny was in Afghanistan for over 18 months serving our country. I will be forever grateful to him for his sacrifices and for the others who are still over there. Thank you.

The other reason this is a memorable day is because FOUR years ago today, Hayne was attacked by a dog. It was a horrible accident and all I can say is that God is Faithful and that He is a miracle working, mountain moving, awe-inspiring GOD! Here is what happened (from Mom's point of view) if you have never heard it before :
"Monday, May 29th is a day I am sure noone in our family will ever forget. Hal and I took the kids by my mom's house on our way home from our camping trip. The plans were to unload the camper and meet back at Nana's house for dinner. She always cooks us dinner when we get home from a vacation. Hal and I were 10 minutes from her house when we received a call from my sister in law that Hayne had been attacked by a dog. She was screaming and could not give us details. All logic flew out the window. Hal drove his truck(camper and all) through someone's front yard because he could not get it turned around. I could not remember anyone's phone number. All I could think to do was to get him on every prayer list possible. We arrived at my mom's house and EMS was already there. When we got in the ambulance, we were in shock. No words can describe the horror of seeing your child's face ripped apart by an animal. Hayne was crying and my dad was holding him. Once Hal and I were reminded by my dad that we had to be calm for him, everything settled down. I held him on the way to the hospital and carried him into the ER. Our dear friend, John, called in a plastic surgeon for us and we will forever be grateful. The ER staff would not touch Hayne. His top lip was ripped apart with pieces missing, he had cuts beside his eye and beneath it, 2 rips in his head. The surgeon stated that 20% of his lip was gone. After 2 hours of waiting, they started stitching him. He was put to sleep and the process took about 2 hours. Hal and I stayed with him. I can honestly say that God gave me such peace. I kept remembering the scripture "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death" I kept thanking God that my son was alive. We were in the valley but tomorrow we would be on the mountain top shouting God's glory in protecting our child. Details of the accident came later. My other 2 children witnessed the entire thing. My mom had taken the kids to see new puppies next door at my brother's house. The mom dog got scared and turned on Hayne. Thank God that my mother knew what to do. How do you thank the person who saved your child's life. With no regard for her own safety, she threw herself on top of Hayne to stop the dog. My brother heard the screaming and rushed from the house. He was able to get Hayne from under my mom and take him into the house. My mom and kids were never attacked by the dog. My mom and brother have taken this so hard. I wish that they knew how grateful Hal and I are for their fast thinking and response. I know that my mom would have given her own life to protect Hayne. She loves my kids as much as we do and would do anything for them. I can never express to her and my brother how much I love them and appreciate what they did for Hayne. He is alive and well because of them. He ended up with 80 stitches in his lip, under his eye, beside his eye and in his head. One week later, the surgeon was in shock. He could not believe how good he looked. He kept telling us that there was no explanation for his recovery. He felt we would need multiple corrective surgeries but there will be none. Hayne's injuries completely closed up and except for some scaring, he is as good as new. Although our doctor has no explanation for his recovery, I know the reason. It is the mercy and grace of our Lord. It is the prayers of churches all over this country within an hour of the accident. It was the desperate plea for help from a grandmother and uncle as Hayne was attacked. It was the angels surrounding my son and protecting his eyes and throat during the attack. It was a hospital full of church staff, deacons and friends gathered to pray while we were treated in the ER. Hayne is a miracle and a testimony to the faithfulness of our God. We will forever be grateful! "
*pictures below are graphic*

Day after.

2 months after the accident

Now tell me, How GREAT is our God!?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pizza Lovin'

that all started in the hotel hallway in Guangzhou China. Oh the memories. How I miss it all so...

Friday, May 21, 2010

4 Months

4 months ago today a precious little boy named JianHui walked off an elevator in Beijing and into our lives forever. Oh how blessed I am to be his big sister!
*click to enlarge*

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Beauitful Princess

"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom, I love you.

Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's and Mom's-to-be out there. I must say my Mom just plain ROCKS.

She loves me (:

Her heart for China is amazing. She is the one who felt the call to Anna Grace and Andrew

She loves Jesus.

She loves all of us. dearly.

She would do anything for me or my siblings.

She is the very best Mom in the ENTIRE world. I don't always show it but I am so thankful for my Mom!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Well it has been 3 months since we were in China. Wow. I miss it. Everything about China, to me, is just amazing. I don't have the words to describe the feelings I felt when we got off the plane in Beijing, or when we went to eat at the restaurants we had been to 2 years before, or seeing Andrew for the first time, the sights all over, Great Wall, Forbidden City, everything. Words just can't describe the feeling. It was the greatest in the world. The kind that I wanted to never, never, go away. Some of my greatest moments in China were:
-Walking Wang Fu Jing street with my Mom, Kathleen, Taylor, and Madison looking in shops. Searching things. Looking at the beautiful buildings. just taking every detail in. the AMAZING church on the main area of Wang Fu Jing. Everything about those moments was perfect.

-The smells. China has a smell. Not bad, actually I love it. I don't know how to explain it but I can smell something we bought there and know it came from China. I will go into my room and smell the things we bought while there and it is so comforting. I do not know why, maybe I am just a freak, but it is.
-People. one word. AMAZING. they are so beautiful, kind, wonderful, friendly, and their language. Oh how I adore it. It is the most magical thing ever. I love it.
-Food. Yeah well the food is just another part of China that makes China. I do not prefer the food but it just makes China

-Guangzhou shopping. the people there are so kind.
-One of my favorite memories from Guangzhou is walking to Lucy's with my family. Getting grilled cheese sandwiches and walking to this amazing river thing and eating. As we sat there groups of people played games, photo shoots took place, brides (or models) were seen. and it was just beautiful.
Everything about China, to me, is like home. I love it. Cherish it and it is just part of who I am. China always will be. My beautiful brother and sister were born there. It is there heritage and I am so blessed to be a part.
So even though this post is all over the place now we all kind of see where I am about my favorite place in the world (:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Shriner's this week...

Well we have a very sick little boy at our house this week. On Saturday he started to get a cough and was up all night Saturday. On Sunday he was truly pitiful. He did not do anything but lay around the house and cough with a high fever to go with it. Heartbreaking for me. We took him to the doctor Sunday afternoon and he has Laryngitis. His throat hurts and his cough is painful to hear. He is still today not feeling good at all. So, unfortunately we were unable to go to Shriner's this week. Thankfully my Mom called on Monday and they were so nice and we are rescheduled to go back on June 15. PLEASE keep us in your prayers. For Andrew and the rest of our family's health as well as safe travels and the doctors will know exactly what out sweet boy needs. We were upset we were unable to go this week because Andrew really needs to get there as soon as possible but we know God has a very good reason we did not go and we are thankful for that and praise his name. We are so thankful Shriners was able to reschedule our appointment and get us in SO quickly (we waited 2 months last time) Please keep our JianHui in your prayers and that he will feel better soon! Sickness is no fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1

May 1 will always be a very special day in our family.

Let's go back in the past....

May 1, 2007 after 3 long years of waiting we received the referral of a beautiful 7 month old little girl in Xiushan, China.

She was a dream.come.true. and we were all helplessly head over heels in love.

little did we know that this was just the beginning.

Fast forward 2 years.

The day arrives again.

May 1, 2009.
2 year referral day for AnnaGrace but that was not all...

A new HOPE list comes out with our agency and my Mom looks at it just because. NOT looking for a child. NOT looking at all. Just looking for pleasure.

Pull up the list and she scrolls down to the last number. #46. She pulls the file up. His name is Chang Jian Hui he had Cleft Lip/Palate and was 3.

Exactly what my Mom and Dad had talked about saying IF they ever went back.
So on May 1 a lot happened and LIVES were changed for forever and for the better.
But May 1 was just the beginning.