Thursday, May 1, 2008

1 Year Ago Today............................

1 Year ago today we got "The Call" about our precious little girl!! We were all SO excited and couldn't believe after 2 1/2 years of waiting the moment finally came. We didn't get a pix of her until tomorrow but we were sooo thrilled to know we had a baby girl in China waiting for us! My Parents got "The Call" at 10:30ish on Thursday May 1st!!!!! We were floating on cloud 9!! Go here to see my Mom's post about that day............. What an amazing day this was our family............. About a week before we received the call I drew a ladybug with 7 spots on it that said "7 spots so you are 7 months old at time of referral." (does that give you a hint of how old she was when we got our referral???) YEP 7 months old!!! I couldn't believe my wish had come true.................. Since the day we started the adoption process i had prayed that we would get a young little girl... My dream came true!!!
Here is the info we received when we got the amazing life changing CALL!!!

Name: Xiu Fu Lai
DOB: September 11, 2006 (Here adoption date was 7/4 she is My All-American Girl!!)
Resenting: Xiushan Social Welfare Institute in Chongqing
Extra Info: She has a head full of hair that is sticking up all over!!! She weighed 13.2lbs on Feb 1st of 2007!!!

We think she weighed about that on the day we got her!!! She is such a miracle and a blessing and i can't imagine life without My Princess
**The pix are of my Mom and Dad and Grandmas and Hayne while they were hearing about our Spicy Girl!!!**


forever sisters said...

can you believe its been a year since we got our refferals! six more days until I come down!!!!!!!
It will be so cute getting to hear Anna talking and meet Ella!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Isn't it AMAZING how fast the time flies by? ...probably in some ways it doesn't seem possible to you that it has already been a year...yet, isn't it funny how at the same time it seems the little ones have ALWAYS been a part of our lives and families?!

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