Saturday, May 10, 2008

HE IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Weekend fun with Spicy Girls'

Last night Johnny surprised us at 6:00 and told us he was 3 hours from home!!! We were so excited-- Our Nana lives right next to him and their is a brick wall that separates their house and my Uncle's when they pulled up my Nana scaled the wall and went through the bushes and shrubs to be the first one to see him.......... She hugged him and said "you're home" and he said "i know mama i made it i made it home" it was so sweet my Mom started crying and he said "What is wrong with you people you can hug me too." We are having a coming home party tonight!!! We are all thrilled he is home. Here are some pix................................... The last pix is of the certificate we got of one of the American Flag's flew during his time over they flew the flag's everywhere. He gave one to us, he gave one to his son, kept one, and gave the most important one to His Mama and Daddy. It was great!!!

Before we went to see my Uncle we were at Build-A-Bear Workshop and made the new Panda that came out yesterday!!! We made each of the girls' a Panda and dressed it!!! They turned out precious!!! Also here are some pix of our fun weekend with the Spicy Girls'

and i just had to post this pix of my Uncle Johnny when he was little................................ He thought he looked SOO cool in this Halloween Costume!!!


Lexie said...

Yay!! That is soo exciting!!! Thanks for the pictures.

I love the blog!


Rachel & Natalie's Mommy said...

What a wonderful weekend for you!!!

I was a little behind in reading your blog but now I'm caught up with comments and all :)

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. Thank you for posting it. Love, Nana