Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hayne's Graduation!

friend as Here are the pix of Hayne's Graduation today at his school!! He graduated from 4K! The little boy in the pix beside Hayne on the top row in the collage is John Henry! He is Hayne's bestestHayne says!!! They are soo cute together! They have SOOOO much in common for 1 they LOVE Spider-Man, Power Rangers, and Narnia!! The other pix are of flowers in our back yard- The pix were taken by yours truly!! So Here are the pix- I diakid add a pix of my toes- I don't wear khakis usually but I have a chorus concert tonight! Wish me Luck- ONLY 5 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!


Lauren said...

hi i switched my blog to private but i couldnt find your email address!! If you want me to add you I definitely will just email me at and I will add you!