Monday, May 5, 2008

Chip or is it Dale?????

These are some pix of Princess I took yesterday!! This is not the best collage i have made i just sorta threw it together b/c Princess is in my lap!! (and excuse any spelling errors she keeps hitting the keys) I think she looks so cute! If anyone knows which chipmunk it is I would love to know!! (I know weird huh) Princess is begging me to go wing (swing) She has my cellphone and is looking at the main screen (It has a pix of her on it) saying "Hey Pwincess and Hey Anna!" lol She is SOO cute!!! She took a pix of herself just now and it turned out pretty cute!!! Maybe she'll be a photographer???!?!?!!? lol Sorry this post is SOO short!!

******UPDATE****** My Uncle has a really bad sines infection! PLEASE PRAY HE IS ABLE TO GET WELL SOON!!! Also that he is able to be home by Wednesday!!!! Thank you for all your prayers such forth-

**!!!HAPPY MONDAY!!!**


Lexie said...

CUTE! Hahah, funny post! Love it!

I wish i could tell you who that cute creature is...but i haven't a CLUE!

Good luck finding out! :0)

Anonymous said...

It's Dale. Chip has the brown nose. I remember this by thinking that chocolate CHIPS are brown, so CHIP has the brown nose. :-)