Friday, May 9, 2008

2 words


We have had SOO much fun so far!!! Yesterday we went to the Mall and got Kara a Vera Bradley bag!!! (Those are really popular down here) We got her a Vera Bag in the Raspberry Fizz--
She is was SOO excited to get a Vera Bradley (I am no longer able to buy anymore b/c i have too much hahaha you can never have too much) :) Ella and Nikki will be here this afternoon and are spending 1 night with us!!!! Princess and Meighan are having such a good time!!!! They love to play with each other it is SOO cute!! :o)

**Tomorrow Johnny comes Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he will arrive from 5-7pm!! We are SOO excited!**


Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

How cute! My friend who lives in NC recently clued me in to Vera Bradley bags and I have been coveting them online (but have resisted buying least so far!) I love the raspberry fizz...beautiful choice!!