Friday, May 30, 2008

Where has time gone???????

WOW I can not believe that we have had Princess for almost 1 year!! Where has the time gone? This time last year we were going CRAZY packing getting ready to go get our girl! Isn it amazing? We have been soo blessed through this adoption! We have met some GREAT people and have met life-long friends along the way! We were blessed to have had such an amazing travel group and LID group and DTC group!! Life has definitely changed for the better since Princess came into our lives! Here is Princess' B-day invitation and some pix of the past 10 months!! ONLY 1 MORE DAY OF EVERY DAY IN MAY!!!! :o)
Look at how much i have changed!!!

ALSO WELCOME TO THE BLOGGER WORLD DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY GO CHECK OUT DEB'S BLOG!!!!!!! SHE IS KARA'S MOM!!! WE WENT TO CHINA WITH THEM THEY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL MEIGHAN FU!! I added a pix o Meighan and Princess! Aren't they precious??!?!?!!?
Deb's blog is

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going camping so i might have to update the last day of "Everyday in May" on June 1st!! SORRY!

Ashton and Princess


Lexie said...

Wow! She has changed so much! She is looking so BIG! :0)

Holly said...

Hey Ashton! Recently I decided to make my blog private and if you would like, I would like to send you a blog invitation. So if I could have your email address that would be great! You can email me at

Lauren said...

Aww!! So cute!!!