Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recital and My Beautiful Baby Girl

Here are some pix from our dance recital from this past Friday night! We [in my opinion] did great and I was very glad I remembered the clogging steps I kept saying it through my head "Double step double hop touch double step double hop touch- kick down hop double back hop double hop double toe up run run run run hop scuff up hop scuff up" lol that is only a little bit of it- Jodi, Craig, Cole, Max , and Kamden were there too! Cole and Adam are in the same class and did great! (V-factory is a group of singer/dancers one of the dancers took at the dance place we take at!!)

Here are some pix that my Mom took of Princess this afternoon- I was coming in from school and saw her outside with her camera taking all kinds of pix- I love them and think they turned out beautifully!! Isn't she breath taking?? I think she is gorgeous [just like every child] But i she not photogenic? I mean it is just natural for her to just smile and do all of those poses- (she rolled over on her belly and was looking at a frog statue type thing in some of those pix! Hope you all had a great memorial day weekend!! Here is also an updated pix of Hayne taken today- His scar is now showing more than ever and he doesn't like it- (he doesn't like to talk about the incident) Please pray his scar will not be noticeable (I know this is a very weird thing but it is important to him) So here are the pix!!!


forever sisters said...

Hey Ashton you were right about the costums! I REALLY wish I could have been there! Tell hayne not to worry about his scars he is so funny that know one would pay attention to them.

Alison said...

hey ashton my name is laura and i run a fansite for vfactory i was wondering if you have any more pictures of vfactory? if you do please email me at vfactorysocal@gmail.com

Lexie said...


Great pictures! She is a BEAUTY!

By the way...you can tell Hayne that unless i am blind and don't know what to be looking for...I can't see a scar! He looks great!! :0) He is a cutie!