Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today there is SO much to be thankful for- I don't know if I can put them all SO here are some-

  • My Wonderful Family
  • Being able to walk which SO many people take for granted
  • My vision- I have learned this week that that is really something to be thankful for
  • My Little China Princess
  • Our health
  • The life I have- I am so blessed and sometimes I forget how truly blessed I really am-
  • The AH-MAZING summer we have had-
  • 2 more weeks of summer- (Thank the Lord! I am really not looking forward to going back)
  • The Rain-
  • AIR CONDITIONING!!! I would DIE w/o it! lol It is 102 degrees according to Y@hoo
Those are a few things I am thankful for! Tomorrow we are going to Carowinds! I am excited to go! This will be Princess' 2nd time going since she has been home! My Dad is taking his work there for Employee appreciation Day! We are going to fry tomorrow! lol
I wanted to post a few more conversations I have been have with Princess!

P- Hey Sissy!
Me- Hey Baby
P- Let me see your belly
Me- Um OK I show her my belly- lol
(We play with her and say "Look at that Pretty Belly" when we are putting Ocean (Lotion) on her but other than that I don't know where she got this from! lol)
P-OHHH- (She pulls my shirt down) You got ugly belly Sissy-
Me- Thanks Anna
P- You welcome
She starts rubbing her belly saying "Ohh You so pretty belly" lol what are we going to do with her- lol

The other day I was sitting at the computer and she walks in singing "So I will dance with Annarella while she is hear in my arms cause I know somethin da Pwince neber knew- ho woh woh oh I will dance with................ SISSY YOU SING!
Me- What's the magic word
Me- so I will dance with Cinderella
P- NO sissy Annarella
She cracks me up sometimes!

Here are the songs she sings at any random moment-
Cinderella- SCC
Someday My Prince will come- some Disney Princess I am not sure which though!
Sesame Street- self explanatory
Veggie Tales- self explanatory
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Unknown
Jesus Loves Me- Unknown
Clean Up- Barney
I love you- Barney
Last Name- Carrie Underwood
Happy Birthday- Unknown
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E- Mickey Mouse (i guess??)
MickEy Mouse Club H0use Theme Song- Unknown
Elmo's World- Elmo

Those are all I can remember right now- I also have some videos of her talking that I wanna post!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, your baby girl is just precious! I love that picture at the top of your blog!

Emily said...

hey ashton,
email me at i have a questions and can't seem to find your email address!

ag is adorable!!

Amanda said...

Someday My Prince Will Come is from Snow White. That was always my favorite Disney princess.

Bella's momma said...

So precious. These are the times thay they say the cutest things!

Lauren said...

Have fun!

Gracie said...

That picture at the top of your blog is precious. We are all so thankful and we take it for granted!! I totally agree with youu!!!

Melanie said...

Oh she's adorable! LOL and quite funny, Annarella:)
Love your new blog designs website!!!

laurel said...

Wonderful picture. Terrific thankful list! Great memories. Don't you just love this age?!

Marla said...

I love this picture of her and her hair is too cute, did you do it?