Friday, August 1, 2008

Princess got some Bling Bling

Sorry its a little blurry!

Yesterday after I dressed Princess she wanted to play with her dress up stuff- She has like 30 play necklaces and chose 10 different ones to wear- She looked adorable and walked around like she knew it!! To Top it off she put her "Pwetty gwasses" on as she calls them- :] and thought she was hot stuff! lol
She is starting to talk up a storm- She is speaking like 8 word sentences! Here are some conversations we have!

Princess- Hey Sissy! Howa you today-
Me- I'm good how are you
Princess- Fine
we sit for a minute and she doesn't say anything
Princess- Talk ta me Sis Talk ta me
Me- OK whatcha wanna talk about
Princess- I said Talk ta me Sis TALK TA ME!
Me- OK OK What are you doing Princess?
Princess- Nuffin
Me-Are you happy
Princess- Suwa "sure"
Princess- Jesus loves me dis I know for da bible tell me so wittle ones to him belong they are weak but he is strong! YAY for Anna! *claps b/c she is so proud of herself*

Me- Anna Grace heres your Icee
Princess- I no want that
Me- Ok what do you want
Princess- Ieee
Me- Heres your Icee
Princess- UHHH I no want that Sissy I NO want that!

Then the other day I was walking around the house and couldn't find her- So I said "Anna where are you?"
Princess- I wight here!
Me- Ok well come here-
Princess- Sissy where are you?
Me- I right Here-
Princess- OK I coming!

Then the most recent- This morning- I am on th laptop while she is right beside me eating Cheez-Its

Princess- Don't eat my chee its Sissy DON'T EAT MY CHEE ITS SISSY!!!!!!!!
Me- OK OK I won't

The bad thing is I wasn't even looking or touching her or the "chee its" lol

Also just in-
My mom just got a new Belgian Waffle Maker and the waffles are UMMMMM UMMMM GOOD!! As Princess would say!

Hope you all have a great Weekend!!


Guatmama said...

You are an awesome blogger. And I do believe a future in photography! Love these latest pics - especially the one of her looking up at you. I am sure she looks up to you daily basis!

SarahHub said...

More great pictures! Oh, I love the snippets of conversation! Sooo cute!

Lexie said...

Every girl deserves some bling! :0)

Cute, Cute, CuTe! You need to video tape some of this (and post it of course!)!

Bella's momma said...

She wears her bling so very well~ as a princess should.

I love finding that you have a new post when I open your blog! It is always fun!!!

have a wonderful weekend~


forever sisters said...

I wish Meighan new how to talk like that but she is learning some new words everyday!!! lol!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

just the cutest:)

Lauren said...

She is soo cute!!

Joan said...

That is too cute! Your sister is so cute!

Leslie said...

I love the pics of Jie jie and she is talking alot too!!!!

have a nice weekend!

Amanda said...

funny post! i bet her little voice is so cute! I love that last picture! You're very talented!

Patty said...

You've got your own "Fancy Nancy" on your hands. Absolutely adorable..what a wonderful big sis you are!