Friday, August 29, 2008


Tomorrow we are going to the BIG Clemson VS Alabama! My whole family ( well Mom, Dad, Brothers, & Anna Grace but ya know) I am SO excited! I can't wait! I hope Tigers WIN! (Sorry Shelley)

Today I had my first day of volleyball! It was great! I am SO looking forward to this season! Again thank you so much to everyone out there who was praying for me! Our first game is on September 8! YAY we gotta a lot of work today so we can be the BEST we can be!
Have a Great Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ashton: I had a really good time tonight with all of you. I never get to see all of you at the same time. Thank for for downloading my picture. I hope you all have a good time at the game and that Clemson wins. Wish I was going with you. Be careful and remember you will always be my favorite.
Love and Hugs. Nana

Amy Clemons said...

Well I'm not a Clemson fan but you know what they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So I hope that Alabama gets beat. Enjoy the game!

War Eagle!

Shelley said...

Okay - I'll forgive you just this once for pulling for the tigers! :)
Look for Jon - he and the other men from our church will be there early to set up to tailgate. I hope all of you have lots of fun and please be careful!!! (and ROLL TIDE!!!) :) :) :)
Love, Shelley

Lexie said...

Sounds like FUN!

Jodi said...

T-I-G-E-RRRRRR-S! FIGHT TIGERS! FIGHT TIGERS! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Hope you have a fun and safe trip! Can't say I wish I was going too because it's just not my thing as y'all know! Hot, sweaty football! Yuck! My big Clemson fan, Cole would love to be with you! Love you all!

Holly said...

Have a great time! And congrats on making the team!

Leslie said...

IM glad to hear you made the team!!!!!! YEEEE HAWWW

sara said...

I am glad that volleyball is going so good!
Here's praying that your first game is a big WIN!!

We have friends that are HUGE Clemson fans out here in Colorado..something crazy about those fans!

Lauren said...

That sounds like so much fun!