Monday, August 25, 2008

I SOO Prettty like a Model

*Guys I am SO simple minded! lol I remeasured Annarella and she is actually 30inches! (she might not even be that tall) lol Sorry for the confusion*

That is Princess Annarella's new saying! She walks around and say that! It is toooo cute!!! that is still little but she is growing!!! She now wants us to call her Annarella! I don't know where she came up with that!! lol I think it is from her all-time FAVORITE song Cinderella by SCC- lol She misses Adam, Hayne, and I as we are going to school every morning before she gets up! She is SO excited when we get home though!!! I am SOOO sorry I haven't been updating! Since school started it has been CRAZY- I have volleyball right after school until 5:30 everyday and today started tryouts so again be PRAYING for me! (I know I am everywhere with this post)
Here are some pix of Annarella I took last week in her Chinese Pajamas and I think they turned out pretty cute! She was in an over excited mood so it wasn't easy to snap these pix b/c she was jumping all around! Hope you enjoy-

This weekend we went to Dollywood with Jake,Bobbi, Maddie, and Lillie! We had SO much fun! Lillie and Maddie are just babydolls and Annarella LOVES to play with them! This is how our weekend turned out:
On Friday I got home at 3:45 (no volleyball open gym) and we left our house at about 3:55- We went to my Dad's office and picked him up- We stopped by HotSp*t and got a FREE milkshake~ We left hotsp*t and were on our way by 4:38- We met Jake & Bobbi at Tex@s Road House for Dinner at 7:15 or so- We left there at about 9:00 or so and went to our "Cabin" type thing- We got up the next morning and had Belgian Waffles which were awesome as usual and then headed to Dollywo*d- It was SUPER hot and reallllllyy crowded but we still had a good time! While the girls' napped My Mom, Bobbi, and I went to the outlets! We went to C@rter's and got some really cute stuff for Annarella- We also went to the Di$ney Store but we couldn't find much- We went back to the cabin and just relaxed for the rest of the weekend! On Sunday we got up and were heading home- We drove by and realized DollyWo*d wasn't crowded so we went in! It was cool and uncrowded! We rodee everythig we wanted and got to play a game and I won a HUG $cooby Doo! It was a lot of fun! We had a great weekend! I will post some pix soon!!


Lexie said...

Sounds like FUN! Can't WAIT to see pictures!!!

32 inches! Wow! Big girl! ;) I believe it said that MY baby ;) is 34 inches!!!!

Abigail said...

hey! I went to dollywood like 2 months ago! and probally the same outlets is it called the tanger outlets? My grandparents live in that aww she looks so cute!! :)

mommy24treasures said...

it does sound fun! Love the pics:)

Amy Clemons said...

Annarella looks like a true princess.

Love Dollywood. It is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you had a great time at Dollywood. The Scobby Doo is so cute with the T Shirt on him. She told everyone at work about it. She went through the shop saying " Sissy where are you'. It was so sweet. Still praying for you and the tryouts. We want more pictures of all of you. Love, Nana

Jodi said...

I loved all of the pictures! Anna is a doll and is "pretty (just) like a model"! Good luck with tryouts! All you have to do is your best and have a good attitude! Show them how great you really are! Glad you all had a safe and fun trip to Dollywood! Love you! Jodi