Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh I love Her!

I just love Anna Grace! She is becoming quite the hoot and says the funniest things! Here are a few of our conversations/ phrases

Last Monday we were getting new glasses for her and while her old glasses were not on her My Mom decided to see how well she could see without them (quite well) So she said
"Anna Grace how many fingers am I holding up?"

She answered "Two" (correct)
Then she asked
"How many Now?"

Her Answer :: "A... LOT"

Gotta love it.

Then the other day she asked my Dad for a cookie and he said "After we eat okay, sweet heart?"
she said "Oh my Daddy you are just making my heart cry!"

Ah Ni Hao Kai-Lan how we love you and your happy heart! (:

Another Ni Hao is when My Dad made ravioli for dinner and she said "Ooooh I lovvee my Dumplings!! Now I can be like Ho Ho!!" Needless to say she ate well..... (:

Yesterday Anna Grace got a cookie from our friend Jodi, Not only was it a cookie but it was a Hello K*tty cookie!! Oooh double the fun! So after lunch we allowed her to have it and my Mom said "Take a bite Anna Grace" and she said "Oh not right now I just want to lick it! It is soooo yummy!"

Now on to Andrew.... When asked where Andrew is going to sleep when he gets home she replys (quite quickly) "With Haynie Grace" and I say "But Anna Grace he might want to sleep with Mommy" she says "Well that is not happening because I am the Momma and I sleep with Anna Grace!" (She trades places with my Mom! SO cute) She also says when we get to China she will be the Mommy and Andrew can be the Daddy! Oh the fun these two will have one day!!

Oh I love her!


Kristy said...

Oh I love these stories, so, so cute!!!

Love, Kristy

amy said...

SHe sounds sooo precious..I love the pics!