Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Home

After four amazing years at it is time for a change...a very unwilling change. I am not fond of no picture uploads and etc. This was not my original all. But, now that it is set up and going I love it. I fought the facts of followers, everyone knowing where I was, being out of space but purchasing more, and in the end decided that a new blog and a new start would be perfect. I worked this week on perfecting the new blog and making sure everything was in order and ready to go...Now that it is all set and up I am thrilled to reveal my new blog...


I can't wait to start posting regularly on there and hope you all follow me on the newest journey..I can't wait to see what God does in our family through the next years to come like he did with ashtonsmeimei! It has been so awesome to look back through this blog through the last few days seeing how much we all changed through the years. So, hop on over to beloved.
and check it out. (: Can't wait to see you there!

for the last time on ashtonsmeimei. xoxo,


Kristi said...

Beloved is now on my RSS feed...