Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

WOW am I thankful!?!?!?! This week has been VERY Hectic and crazy allow me to explain....... My parents are doing a Holiday Fair Thursday-Saturday 10-8 so it is making things crazy! Also we went to the Hannah Montana concert on Tuesday in Charlotte (2 hours away) which was fun and i will post some pix later this week!Here is what I a thankful for!

  • GREAT family and friends
  • AMAZING Church group/family
  • Beautiful China Angel
  • The beauty of Christmas time
  • The craziness of a chorus concert in 2 weeks today
  • Fun chance to get to go see the Kibee family after Christmas! (went to China w/ us)
  • Sweet Tea (lol)
  • My little brother Hayne who was attacked by a dog 2 years ago while we were in the adoption process
  • That we won`t have to spend another Christmas w/o our China Angel!!!
I am SO thankful and to the families who are in the process it won`t be long before your China Angel will spend Christmas with you!! I know this must be hard we were in the same situation last year! Have a GREAT week! :) The pix of AG is when my Mom caught her right after her bath in the pantry eating "froot loops to go"!


Lexie said...

Hey!! My name is Lexie and i am 15 years old. I found your blog through Ally's!
My family is in the process of adopting from China a baby girl! We are still not DTC, but should be DTC by next friday! THANK YOU JESUS! We have chosen to do Special Needs.
Your Mei Mei is SOO PRECIOUS! You are so lucky to have her in your arms!

Lilly's Sissy said...

She is to cute!

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Hi! My name is Staci and I'm 15. My little sister, Sarah Evangeline LuHua, was adopted from China in December 2006. She is 3 years old and such a joy!
Your mei mei, Anna Grace, is so cute!!! What agency did you use and when did she come home? She is adorable!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashton,
I am so looking forward to seeing you for the first time after Christmas! I LOVE the pix of Anna <333
Your friend,
Kara Kibbee