Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Could I Love her any more!?!

I never thought I would love someone as much as I love Anna Grace! She is an angel and everything I could have ever wanted! I love her so much!! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her (and me)

THEN- China '07

NOW- Dec '08

Amazing how much we have both changed! :) Especially PAG!


Leslie said...

awwwwwww she is soooooo pretty...that girl melts my heart too!!!


Kevin and Kimberly said...

Love the pictures...

I also love her bracelet she is wearing in the 1st picture...where did you find it? I would love something like that for Hannah.

You can tell how much you love your baby sister!! :)

Terynn said...

Aston: Thanks for visiting my blog.

You have grown up alot since your sis' gotcha day. Two pretty nifty girls!

Your blog is very sweet.

Terynn said...


Kecia said...

So cute!!!!Lovelly pics!

Denna said...

Beautiful!!! I love that last picture.