Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day, New Blog Design, and Swim Meet Pictures

I love this pix so much and I love what I did to it :) What do you all think?
Where we live snow is rare...very rare! We might get it every other year MAYBE. Last night at 4:30 it started snowing and it was big snowflakes and SO pretty! We got 4-6 inches but it was just as good as 2 feet! We were all SO excited! Here are the pictures from the snow day and from our State Swim Meet! Enjoy!

Also as you can see I redesigned my blog! Tell me what you think! If you would like a design for free just email me at :)


Kecia said...

It is really cute!! We love you new deign!

Enjoy the snow!!

God bless you!

Abigail <3 said...

hey!! luv the new design!! and I LOVE the pics!!! Anna Grace is absolutely adorable in these pics!!Well I hope your doing well!!! :] ttyl!

Lauren said...

I love your new blog design! Where did you get your cute signature?

Cheri and Shane said...

Hi Ashton,
I LOVE the new look on your blog. I am going to be emailing you soon, I was thinking of maybe doing something new on my blog. Maybe something alittle brighter (lime green, pink, purple, etc). Hope's birthday is next month, so I thought that would be good time for a blog makeover. I'll email you with some new pictures shortly! :)

Dita said...

Your new blog look ROCKS! I just love visiting you!

Great job, Ashton!

laurel said...

Love the new design. It is really springy. Enjoy the snow. Where we live, we get a lot! We would be happy to share with you.