Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i heart faces- China 2007

This will be a tricky post but I will try!

China July 2007- Journey of a lifetime!

On June 29, 2007 we were stepping out on faith and were getting on an airplane to get our daughter/sister.

On this trip we would meet amazing life long friends. On this journey we would meet our China Angel who we had waited almost 3 years for! After 2 and a half days of travel we finally land in Beijing, China at 3 pm. We are all worn outand want to go to bed. We all go to our rooms and relax for about 2 hours and get settled in- At about 6 we head to dinner and are all exhausted but ecstatic to be able to talk to our new friends. We all head down to dinner in no mood to eat but we do anyways. We are less than 12 hours away from going to the Great Wall and Forbidden City.
The next morning we are up at 7:30 but have been up since 5 because of jet-lag. We all get dressed (Our family matching) We go to the Forbidden City first. It is truly breath tak ing all the sights and scenery. The garden and palace itself the history! It all amazes me as I walk through taking tons of pictures. Everyone loved my brothers! We had tons of Chinese people coming up to us asking for pictures! I thought it was precious!!

We then go to eat lunch and are all hot (100+ degrees) and sweating but still happy to be where we are. After we eat we go to the Great Wall and I have never seen anything like it! It was gorgeous and huge and so intimidating! I could not believe I was standing where for years I had seen in books and dreamed of going to! I was thrilled to say the least.
After out amazing day at the wall we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We would have our daughters 24 hours from this moment! All the paperwork and waiting was all about to be lost and we would have that precious baby girl in our arms! What an amazing feeling!
At 5 am the next morning we were up and ready! Nervous as ever and about to leave for the airport and get on a plane to Chongqing to meet Anna Grace! We were all thrilled and signing out of the hotels as fast as we could. Once we boarded the plane no one could sleep or even sit still. I was so excited! I would FINALLY have a sister! I could play dress up and play with her and love on her! I couldn't wait!!
We arrive in Chongqing by 12 pm and go to lunch. I had a rare and unfortunate event and ate calamari (squid) and I was completely disgusted! *Note* it actually taste like chicken! Just the thought of eating it made my skin crawl! We check into our hotel and I go up to the room with Mema, Adam, and Hayne to get things ready while my parents go downstairs to have a "white-out party" with the rest of the group! We are all shaking by now and soo excited!
Finally we leave the hotel at 2:30 pm and get on out way to the civil affairs office! We go into the building and by now I am shaking with fear and excitement! I am about to have a Sister!!!!! wow! We go up the elevator and are lead into a huge room where all kinds of families are meeting there children! (Wow what a sight!) We then walk into this all glass room and wait to be called- "Family 1.......Family 2..........Family 3........ Family 4............ Family 5........... Family 6.............. Family 7.............. Family 8

Our family of 6 complete finally all of the waiting has faded and now we hold this precious 13 pound angel.

She is everything we ever dreamed of and so much more. God thank you for the miracle of Anna Grace!
We spend 6 days in Chongqing learning her culture and history, Visiting museums and letting it all sink in.

We then fly to Guangzhou and get to SHOP! we had so much fun in Guangzhou and couldn't get enough of Lucy's! We were so thrilled to be in the most talked about stop in your China trip and we made it!! Then we got to see the girls on the famous Red Couch!

China Sisters
We spent one night in Hong Kong and the following morning sad sorrowful goodbyes to all of our friends and Anna Grace's sisters! The journey was a once in a life time chance and we had a welcome home party like no other!
Our welcome home party

Meeting Nana for the first time

With God All things are possible. -Matthew 19:26


Liese4 said...

Oh, what a sweet and awesome story. I know you wrote this out for the future to give to your daughter.

Puna said...

What a wonderful post! Your daughter is blessed to have a home and a wonderful family who loves her. My neighbor has a daughter from China. She's my special little girl.

ED Blogger said...

This is truly a heart warming story :) YOur Anna Grace is lucky to have an entire family of good people.
May God bless you and your family more.

Jodi said...

Seems like only yesterday! Wonderful memories! WE were all so glad to have all of y'all safe and sound back on American soil! I honestly didn't sleep for two weeks!

Lexie said...

Love this post!! I especially love the picture of your mom first holding her.

She will always love to hear this story when she gets older!