Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good News & Weekend Fun

So the Good News first... Everybody likes that right? So...... Can you hear us celebrating??? We got our papers! We got a call last night and they informed us that our papers have been found and they were mailing them to us!!! Yippeee!!!! Woo Hooo!! We are praying we can receive the papers on Hayne's birthday this Thursday!! That would make the day even better!!! Even more reason to celebrate!! Keep us in your prayers!!

Now to our weekend full of fun!!!

On Thursday we drove down to Charleston to visit some GREAT friends! Deb & Ken drove down to also meet up and drop their son off at the Citadel and we stayed with Bryan and Nikki at their home (: On Thursday we went to visit our agency. (: We then went downtown and had some lunch and walked around the market and some shops. We had so much fun! (: It was great. We went back to Bryan and Nikki's house and had dinner and just talked and got reaccuainted! On Friday Deb, Ken, & Christopher went to do things at the Citadel so My Mom, Nikki, Monica (Nikki's daughter), Ella (Nikki's daughter- China) Kara (Deb's daughter), Meighan (Deb's daughter-China), Anna Grace, and Myself went around town shopping and did some other fun things. We then went back to the house, had dinner, and socialized. (: Saturday Deb, Ken, Kara, Meighan, and Christopher went back to the Citadel and Christopher was dropped off. Nikki, My Mom, Ella, Anna Grace, Monica, and myself went shopping and hung around town while my Dad, Bryan, Adam, Hayne, and Thomas (Bryan's son) went to a park and to look for shark's teeth. (My brother's LOVED that!!) On Sunday we all went to church and then to Bojangles for lunch. We had to say Goodbye to Bryan, Nikki, Ella, Monica, and Thomas. Deb, Ken, Kara, and Meighan came home with us! We went to Pizza Inn for dinner and came back to our house and relaxed (: On Monday the girls' (My Mom, Deb, Kara, Meighan, Anna Grace, and I) went to the mall and to Wrapsodies. My Dad and Ken went to lunch and my brothers went birthday shopping with my Mema. We then came back to the house had a cook-out and went swimming! So much fun! After eating My Mom, Deb, Kara, and I sat down and played a game of Phase 10 (I got smoked!) hah! This morning Deb, Ken, Kara, and Meighan had to go home! ): We already missed them!! Anna Grace had SO much fun with her sisters this weekend and LOVE having them around and playing with them!! We can't wait to meet up again!!!

( I forgot my camera and my Mom only brought her little one so we have very few pictures but I will try to post some asap) Have a GREAT week!!


Marla said...

YEAH!!!! for the paperwork, he'll be home before you know it! Have a great weekend, we have a busy one planned.