Monday, August 24, 2009


Well Miss Anna Grace had her first "big boo-boo" on Saturday. She fell out of a booth at Zaxby*s and busted her lip and loosened 2 of her bottom teeth ): Uh-Abo! As she would say (: It isn't too bad. I tried to get a good picture of it but she is 2 so. Her lip was swollen but it is actually just a little scab now (: Yippee!

Happy Monday Y'all!


Anna said...

Hey Ashton! Aww, your poor sister! We have been lucky with my baby sister (who will be three in September) who hasnt had anything major happen.

I just wanted to pop by quick and thank you for your comment and prayers during my trip. It was amazing! Congrats on your new brother! I cant wait to see his sweet face on your blog.

Anna said...

Ok so ignore the fact that this is my 2nd comment on this post. lol

I would invite you to the private blog but I dont really use it so thats why its private. I have like 3 pictures on it. lol If you still want to see it I could invite you, I really dont care. :D