Friday, January 15, 2010

Please Pray for Haiti

Please Please Pray for Haiti. As most of you know they are in an awful catastrophe and it is so sad !! Haiti is not prepared for this and they are a 4th world country. It is so sad. So I am just begging all of you to pray. Prayer is an amazing thing so

please, please, please Pray!


Christy said...

Hay Ashton,

Its Christy with Mia. I keep up on your blog but have not spoke with you in a while. Looks like everything is going well with you. Anyway, I am thinking I would love to get a new blog look. As much as I love my other blog design, it is now a year and a half old so since the kids have grown and changed a ton, I think maybe we should make a blog design change. Let me know if you are available. I would love you to do it since you do such awesome work!!!

Thanks tons and hope all is well.

Christy :)