Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 :: The Year in Review

In January we celebrated The Chinese New Year
February we also found a new love for D!sney Princesses, but best of all.....Anna Grace got her very first hair cut!

In March a lot happened. We went to a Regional swim meet. It snowed. (that never really happens) and I took some of my very favorite pictures of Anna Grace (:
In April we celebrated our second Easter with Anna Grace!
In May we saw a sweet little boy's face......and swam. a.lot.

In June we started the Journey BACK to China for a brother!!! and went to the Beach!

In July we went to a Xiushan Reunion! and celebrated two years with Anna Grace!

In August we enjoyed our last month of summer and went to Charleston to visit Ella! and we were LID! Hayne also turned 7!

In September I started the 8th grade, Adam started 5th, and Hayne started 1st! I turned 14 and Anna Grace turned 3 ): It was a big month!

In October we had a Halloween party and celebrated Halloween!

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving and got our LOA!

In December... Wow. What a great month....We were out of school for Christmas Break, We got our Travel Dates and Christmas!! woo hoo!

SO, 2009 was a wonderful year for our family....Here is to 2010 being just as great....hopefully better! I believe it will be because Andrew is coming home!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

What a great idea....and alot of work! I loved reviewing the year with you!!! Praying for a blessed New Year for you and your family!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Definitely a Blessed year for sure! Love the photo collages. Your love of the Lord is so very evident in your blog and that is just totally AWESOME! :0)
I'm adding your blog to my blogline reader so I can hopefully follow along in January to China for your little brother. God is truly amazing and his blessings are abundant when we listen and follow his desires and not our own.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm not much of a blogger lately but I'm going to try to be better for 2010. :0)

DiJo said...

Oh, how I wish we were leaving on the 19th too!!!!
Blessings for a wonderful trip!!!

Happy New Year,

Jodi said...

I enjoyed looking at your year in pictures! Awesome job Miss Ashton! I look forward to being behind the camera looking at the new and improved Rice family a lot in 2010! Love you!

Ally said...

Hey there girl! I hope you remember me...I used to blog all about my little sister on Life with Lilly Jayde ?? Remember? =] well its been a long while since I've done any blogging but my family is currently adopting a little one from Russia so I am back to blogging for our journey! I am so excited to be back to your you guys are adopting again?!? Thats so amazing!! Can't wait to talk to you soon!

Terri said...

What an awesome post! I may steal the idea one day!!!