Thursday, December 31, 2009

We interrupt our regular posting....

To announce.....
That today at exactly 11:01

We got an email

While eating in Bojangles
(We had to get some shots at the Dr. this morning hence the Brunch)

That would forever change our day

and life

It had just become 2010 in China

Pretty Special


that email

said something

Very special

Woo Hoo!!! I think 2010 is already looking like a really good year!

Here is a video just so you can see some Anna Grace cuteness.... (:

We leave on January 19 and come home on February 5!!!!
We will get Andrew on January 21!!! woo hoo!

Continue to pray and please pray for our safety and health!


Terri said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! So happy for all of you!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't wait to see his photos!!

Jodi said...

I LOVE this posting! How exciting! The video and pictures are great!