Sunday, December 27, 2009

So I decided that each Sunday I would update about the previous week.
I figured this would be a way to keep everyone updated. So I will go day by day.

Sunday :: We had a family Christmas party to go to and then I had volleyball-very low key day not to much fun to update about (:

Monday :: Monday was pretty lazy. We were all out of school and didn't do much. Our Article 5 came the Friday before so we were mainly stalking my Mom's email to see if something had come.

Tuesday :: "The Boys" had a day and "The Girls" did too. My Mom, Anna Grace, and I went shopping with my Nana and well i'm not completely sure what all the did. ( A lot of video games most likely )
Wednesday :: Our sweet friends, Jodi and her kids:Max, Cole, & Kamden came over and we baked Christmas goodies! Then our family went to look at Christmas Lights! It was so much fun! I love Christmas!

Thursday :: We invited our whole family over to our house for a Christmas Eve celebration and my Uncle Johnny's birthday (yes, he was born on Christmas Eve)

Friday :: Our day started at 7:06 (wow we got up late this year!) when we got to see what Santa left for us! Then we headed to my Nana's house for some more fun! Ooh Christmas!

Saturday :: We spent most of the day at home cleaning Christmas stuff up. Then at about 5:30 we went to Frank*es Fun Park and celebrated Adam's Birthday (Dec. 17)

So there is our weekly update. I know you are probably mumbling to yourselves at the moment "Really? That is pretty boring. I don't know how worth it that is"
But my hope is that it will get more interesting once we are in China and then when Andrew comes home.
Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to bring him home!

P.S I am going to be updating our trip to China on ANDREW'S blog. I will not be able to update two blogs so we are sticking with one and because this is our Journey to Andrew it will be on Andrew's blog (: But once we get home a new blog will be created so I can update about both of these precious kids. (I can hear your shouts of joy about another blog to track down. not) If you have any advice on what to do once he is home, PLEASE tell me!

Oh and in about 3 weeks we will be in China (:
Hallelujah Hallelujah

Have a great week!


Kristi said...

You don't have TA yet but are going to be in China in three weeks?
Glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas together!