Saturday, December 12, 2009

"The Perfect Family"

So I have been thinking lately.....
My life was pretty normal when I was a little girl. I had a wonderful Mommy and Daddy and it was, in my opinion, what people would consider "the Perfect Family"
In 1992 my parents got married. They wanted 2 kids a boy and a girl, or as some would call it here in the U.S.A. "the Perfect Family"

3 years later in 1995 they had a little Then in 1998 Adam was born. Perfection. A girl and a boy and a mom and dad. "The Perfect, typical American Family."
They were done.....or so they thought (:

In 2001 a surprise came.....John Hayne! Now they were definitely done (snicker) not quite Mom and Dad. In 2005 my Mom went to get a massage that my Dad had been begging her to get but she let the certificate expire. God thing. So he called the place and got them to let her go. There all the lady could talk about as she was doing her massage was her amazing journey to China to get her little girl. door opened. When my Mom left she called my Dad and jokingly (or so she says) said "Hal, I think we have a daughter in China." he then replied "I have been praying you would say that when it was the right time." amazing right? So they started the journey to their newest little girl, Anna Grace! In 2006 our sweet 3 year old, Hayne was attacked by a dog. He was just like a cleft baby. God was working, preparing hearts and we did not even know it. After waiting 2 long years we went to China and brought her home. God has done miraculous things and the miracle of Anna Grace has so blessed us and I could not imagine a day without this little girl. But we were done for sure. Completely. No getting around it, done. {Hello God does have a sense of humor!} When we came home from China I begged and pleaded for another child from China! I knew (or hoped) that we would go back. "Nope your not" I kept protesting and they would disagree whenever I said so I prayed because I found begging didn't do to much and I should leave it to God. But when I would ask all my Dad would say was "If we ever do go back, which I doubt, I want a little boy 3 years old because I do want to retire at some point in life." and my Mom would say "I want a little girl with a cleft lip and palate"
I just continued to pray and believe.
In May of 2009 my Mom decided to look at the HOPE list with our agency...NOT looking for a child just looking at the children for leisure. Well she opened the list and started at the bottom. #46 was the first number she clicked on and she lost her breath. He was 2 1/2 soon to be 3 and had a cleft lip/palate. wow. God. So she went to my Dad's work and showed him the list. They both agreed that they wanted more information on this child. So they requested his file. We were already on a list. So we figured it was not meant to be. Then on June 5, 2009 (A MONTH LATER!) My Mom received an email that said "Hope Child #46 for your review" she was at My Dad's office and was crowded with customers and she starts shouting "No, No, No. They already said it was most likely not going to happen he can't be ours. God did not want this....etc." We figured that for this precious little boy to still be available God had his hand in this and it might just possibly be meant to be.
So we opened the file and fell head over heels in love with a little boy that will soon be called Andrew Hudson! On June 15 we accepted his referral and since then we have been working hard to get him home!

God is so amazing.
We can now say 147 million orphans minus 2.

I have come to terms that I like God's plan for our "Perfect Family" much more than societies.
So if you ask me,
Yes we have
The Perfect Family.

and who knows maybe the perfect family won't be 7 but 8 or 9 maybe just maybe 10....hmm.
But who knows??
Just saying though.
(Not pushing Mom...just saying)


Tina said...

Beautiful are a precious girl!

Jodi said...

I enjoyed reading your side of the story! You are an amazing girl!!! I Love you and your "perfect" family so much!

Rachel said...

Wow! You seem like an amazing 14 year old girl. You have such great perspective and are so sweet. Your siblings are very lucky to have you as a big sister!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what a sweet and beautiful post from your heart......God is amazing. Have a blessed Christmas my friend.