Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pray for Huan

This little girl has stolen my heart. I am asking all of you to PLEASE pray for her. My heart aches that this precious 8 year old litle girl does not have a family. Here is the description of her. Please pray. Because I am only 14, I am unable to adopt her (Oh I wish I could!) So I will advocate for her and pray for God's will in this precious girls life. She has a purpose in this life. She is not meant to grow up in an orphanage. So please pray.

Huan means "happy" in Chinese. But in Huan's photos, she is not smiling. Well, she might be smiling inside, but the repair work on her cleft palate (at least the gum area) is such that she doesn't seem interested in smiling for the camera. It's a shame...she is a beautiful little girl, with big, inquisitive eyes and a precious face. But I'm sure she has heard all the comments from strangers and mean-spirited children. She is now 8 years old, and more than ready for someone to help her. She needs a mom and dad to scoop her up, bring her home, love her, love her, love her...and arrange the repair work for her mouth so she can smile. Then she will be happy!

*If this might be your daughter please email me, comment, facebook me (if we are friends). SHARE THIS! Tell everyone you know! I want to find this sweet girl a HOME.
Thanks. lovelovelove, Ash