Friday, April 16, 2010

What's Going On Here?

So we are all doing well. I feel like I have not updated in a long time. I am kind of clueless as to what to update. So I will just tell you about the twinados (:

Andrew continues to amaze us with his English. It is coming along incredibly fast! He loves his Mei Mei! Watching him transform is absolutely amazing. So precious. He wants to please us so badly. My Mom, Dad, and Andrew leave May 4 for Ohio to Shriners for evaluations for his cleft. Amazing prayer answered. Please pray for their safety. I never imagined I could love someone like I do Anna Grace but I love Andrew just the same! He is precious!

Anna Grace is doing great as well. She has accepted this new little one with amazing GRACE and loves him dearly. She is still her princess-y self and loves Ni Hao Kai-Lan and Barney. She sings along and does the motions. It is hilarious. She is still beautiful and quite the model. I am just in love with that face. (:

Here are some pictures from my photoshoot with the two today.


i luhhh youu mace-ayyy!


Taylor said...

I am glad you took my advice and updated love the pics so cute

Molly said...

LOVE the pics!! So cute! :) You are a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

You need to be printing these pics in case your computer has problems. You could never replace all the beautiful ones that you have taken. Maybe burn them to a cd or dvd.Then you could let me have copies for scrapbooking. Love the the pics.Nana

Kristi said...

Darling, darling pictures of your two adorable littlest siblings. I'm amazed at how cooperative they are for pictures!