Saturday, September 13, 2008

My *early* Birthday Present!

Picture of it
Well I thought I would share with you all my Birthday Present! I got a new cell phone!! I got the Verizon Voyager Titanium! I am SO excited! I love it so far- I have 30 days to try it out- Do any of you know anything about this phone or have one? If so please TELL ME! (Next Saturday is my birthday btw)

Here are some conversations I have been having with Miss Anna Grace and some things she has started to say-

On Tuesday we were having our 1yr homestudy and right before the lady came Anna Grace took her glasses off and wrapped them around her ankles and started walking around with them like that- Here is the conversation between her and my Mom-

Mom- Anna Grace where are your glasses?
AG- On my feets
Mom- No Ma'am! (gently pops her hand (not hard enough to hurt) )
AG- (In verry pitiful voice) OH Mama you need ta be gentle with the baby!
I thought this was quite funny! My OH My what else can she say??!?!?!?? lol

Had my iP*d in my hands listening to it-

Anna Grace- Hey SISSY- I need yo ipo*
Me- I'm listening to it baby you can in 1 minute
AG- (waits 10 milliseconds) OK it been minute now her turn! (she constantly talks in 3rd person)
Me- (Hands over ip*d)
AG- OH tank you sissy tank you
Me- Your welcome
AG- (puts earphones in her ears and starts dancing)

On her birthday in bank w/ Mom-

AG- (to total stranger) Hey it my birday give me sugas!

Sept. 12- Day AFTER her b-day

AG- Hey Sissy!
Me- Hey baby girl
AG- It my birthday sing my birthday song.
Me- " Happy Birthday to you.........."
AG- OK bend down I need to blow out candles i use your hair

That is all I can remember at the moment!

*I am SO sorry I have lacked in posting SO much! and I really am trying to comment on all of your blogs! Please forgive me!!! At the moment I am CRAZY!*


Amy Clemons said...

These conversations are hilarious. Sometimes reading them makes me laugh out loud.

Happy Early B-day!

Debby said...

Happy early birthday! Don't know anything about the phone, but we love reading the conversations between you and AG! Ken and I are laughin' our heads off! Miss you all so much! Hope VB is going well for you.

Christy said...

OK, AG just cracks me up!!! Can you belive what they say??? It is just hillarious!!!

Happy early bday!!! So how do you like that phone? Is it kind of like the IPhone or is it different? I am with verizon also and I sooooo wish they had the Iphone. I have a balckberry and love it but really wish I had an iphone!!!

Christy :)

Lexie said...

Love those convos! Tooo cute!!!

Love the phone too! ;)

laurel said...

That is a cool, a very cool present! I have a dinosaur for a phone, and I can't use it very well. Good luck figuring out all those features. Happy early birthday!!!

Clare said...

These little conversations are sooo cute! love it!

Kecia said...

Hi i am Kecia and i'm from Brazil...
I would like to be your new friend!!
Your sister is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

What precious conversations! It is so good that you are recording them so that you will always be able to remember them and laugh about them!


Anonymous said...

Happy 13th Birthday Ashton! I hope you have lots of fun and get loads of presents. Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, sweet Ashton!!!! Have a great day! We love you!! The Newsomes

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Ashton!! Hope you have a great day!!