Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Princess has a new outfit!

Well Mema made Princess Annarella a new outfit! Is it not beautiful! Mema you did a GREAT job!! THANK YOU!
On Sunday I got Princess dressed and we went outside and snapped a few pictures! Is this outfit not absolutely precious??!?!?!?!!? She was laughing at her "Hayney" in the pictures SO I got a few good ones~

Here is what we did this weekend:
On Saturday we got up got decked out in our Clemson gear and at about 10:45 we left for the game- On our way there we stopped in Commerce and went into a few stores- We then went to AppleBees and ate some lunch it took FOREVER!!! lol It was torture. We left their and headed to the Georgia Dome- We went into Centennial Park and played the games they had set up! It was a lot of fun! Princess stole the show we had Alabama players coming up to us saying "I don't care if she is Orange she is precious!" She loved the game and would YELL "Go Tigguuuurs, WIN WIN WIN FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! YAY TIGUUURRS!!" lol It was PRECIOUS! She looked precious in her Clemson cheerleading outfit and her pigtails with BIG Orange and Purple Bows! Here are a few pix!

On Sunday we were DEAD tired from the game- We didn't do much all the pictures I have are of Princess Above

Monday: We didn't do much we just relaxed- My Mom, Nana, Princess, and I all went shopping we got lunch and then we went to Ross, AC Moore, and Marshalls (You all might not care but they have VEra BradleY on sale there!!) My Mom also got a CricUT at AC Moore! We are going to have some fun! The best thing about it was it was on Sale!!!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! and are having a great Week!!!



Amy Clemons said...

Princess Annarella... You are beautiful. Love the parasol. Ashton you do a great job taking her pictures. I really think you have lots of talent.

Btw.... love, love, love, that cheerleading outfit!

Holly said...

Awww the new outfit is precious! Glad you guys had fun at the game!

Cayle said...

and off subject xD
but what do you use to do your layout.
its so cuteee.
and where do you get your supplies from

Anonymous said...

Princess IS adorable in her new outfit!

Anonymous said...

Ashton: I love your new pictures. Anna Grave is sooo beautiful. She is so lucky to have you for a sister. My favorite pic was Haynie Grace with the wig on. Think of pictures to put in his annual when he graduates. Ha Ha. You look so pretty and happy in the pictures. One day I hope I can figure out how to use my blog. I had a great time with you on Monday. Love and Hugs! Nana

SarahHub said...

Cute as ever!

Jodi said...

Love the outfit meemaw made! Beautiful material! Wish your mom and I could get busy and make some! The cheerleading outfit is a flash from our Kamden past! I can still see her in it with very little hair and just learing how to walk. I will have to dig the pictures out and show you! Glad you all had a fun weekend. Who had Vera on sale? Love you!

Leslie said...

AWWWWWWW that is a cute outfit and a cute girl too!!!

Christy said...

The outfit is just adorable and I love the photo shoot. She looks just pecious. I also love the pictures with her in her cheer outfit. It is perfect on her and she looks so cute in her glasses.

You are such a great big sister!!!

Chrsity :)

laurel said...

Love the new outfit! Absolutely darling! All the pictures are great. You all have somuch fun!

Sharon said...

Go Clemson!!! :) I just went to my first Clemson game a few months ago! My brother also goes there.