Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Well we are at Bobbi and Jake's house! We just finished celebrating Maddie's Birthday!! Her party was wonderful! Cinderella came and had a tea party, story time, and games! It was so magical! Princess kept her dress on the ENTIRE time and LOVVEED Cinderella! It was so much fun to watch Maddie, Lillie, and Anna Grace play! This is how the party went..... Cinderella and her special friend arrived at 9:45 and set up all the dresses and shoes and all the princess stuff! at 10:00 the fun began! We had a fashion show with all the little girls and took pictures. We then had a tea party/cake and storytime! It was so much fun! Then the Princess' played games like 'Where will you kiss the frog' and Boa Limbo! It was so much fun and it was a truly magical party!!! Here are the pictures!!! Sorry there aren't to many :) I just thought these were the cutest :)

We are coming home tomorrow and school starts Monday :( I am SO sad I don't want to go back yet!!!


Jodee Leader said...

Wow! What a magical party! Cute pictures!

Thanks for stopping by our blog today! Please come back soon!

Kecia said...

Wow!!Great party!! Happy B-day Maddie!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend before heading back to school. I love the way you do the pictures.

Joan said...

I love you new blog header!

Terri said...

WOW, what a party, sounds like FUN!!! You seem to be an amazing big sister, how lucky she is to have you!!!!

Thanks for stopping by our blog you are welcome anytime!!!

Take care,

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!
What an awesome party!

Leslie said...

awwwwww sooo cute!!!!


laurel said...

What a totally awesome party! Darling pictures!

Leslie said...

I have award for you dear!!! Go to my blog and follow the directions under the making lemonade post!