Monday, January 19, 2009

No School!

Today we have no school!! YAY! We have had a wonderful weekend. It started on Friday night with Adam's birthday party! We had it at a jumping place and everyone had tons of fun!! Princess Anna Grace wasn't too sure about the blow-ups but she LOVED running around like a crazy person with her 4-6yr. old friends! Gracie, Kamden and Katie were all at her side at the party! They were SO cute! Adam had a ball with all his friends and Hayne played around too! Max and I played minature golf for halfthe party and stayed at that one last hole and kept getting balls to try and get the bullseye! We got a little carried away! lol Then on saturday we just stayed home and RELAXED! Went to church on Sunday and now I have gotten you caught up to Monday :) We have no school thanks to Martin Luther King Jr!!! So today I am really not sure what we will be doing. Maybe Target, Chuck E. Cheese, the mall (MAYBE) I am really not sure! Then tomorrow the very awaited day comes..... WE GO BACK TO SCHOOL ;)! :( Next weekend we are going snow tubing with my sunday school class. That should be fun. I have never been before so wish me luck! lol
Here are some conversations I recently had with PAG!

PAG: Sissy sing Ariel
Me- "Look at this stuff isn't it neat....."
PAG- NO I wanna be I wanna be!!!
Me- "I wanna be where the people are........."
PAG- thank choo sissy!
Me- Your Welcome Anna
PAG- you needa give me a bath and dress me!
Me- OK but we are going to have to wash your hair!
PAG- Otayy well nevermind
Me- come on let's go wash your hair
PAG- I said nevermind i no want you to wash my hair
Me- Well we have to and then we can listen to Cinderella
PAG- If i must :)

That is the only recent one I have had with her but my mom has PLENTY with her :) I will get her to share some of those.

We have had Anna Grace for almost 19th months! Is that not AMAZING?!?!!!? We finally figured out how to get the Gotcha Day videos on my Mom's computer! (we are technically retarded at some things :] ) I will try to get some video together! Hints on the TRY!

I will add the pix from the party later today-



Denna said...

That is sweet. I love it when they carry on conversations with us. Their little voices are so sweet.

Windy said...

Let's pray for a snow day tomorrow, so you don't have to go back;)

Kecia said...

Anna is so cute!! CUTE!!Haha...
Give her a BIG hug for me...
Love you guys in Christ!!