Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Snapshot : 8 months

8 months ago we were in China

We were head over heels in love with a little boy we had just met...

He was almost 4

totally precious

and stole our hearts....

But now we are 8 months ahead

With our precious 4 year old boy

That  picked up a new language and has learned to communicate in 8 months.

We have learned all about his likes and dislikes

His personality

His Contagious Laugh

His love for Power Rangers, Buzz Lightyear, and anything boy.

and it just makes us fall in Love

All over again.
Happy 8 months Andrew!

Ni Hao Y'all


Jennifer and Greg said...

We were also there 8 months ago adopting our almost 4 year old boy.

Congratulations and sweet post.

The time does fly doesn't it.


Jen said...


Kristi said...

Those are some great pictures of your didi! Honestly, you could have written Personality in the title and had no words at all and it would have said A LOT!
He's darling!

Daisy Dreams said...

He looks like such a ham!! I'm sure he keeps everyone on their toys. Precious!

Melanie said...

He's soooooo sweet!