Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our precious Andrew has come so very far. In 9 short months he has went from a very sad little boy to a very happy one!

On January 21, 2010 when that little boy, scared, unknowing that his world was about to be turned upside down and shaken unbelievably hard. You could see it all on his face. I was the first to ever meet Andrew Hudson. I was the first to touch his hair, take in his beautiful little face and just love him {from afar of course, I couldn't hold him!} On the elevator we took up to the rooms you could see it in all of the little ones faces. Unknown fear. They had no idea why they were being taken to this place. What was going on? Some knew.
Andrew walked right off of that elevator. He held his little head low and just walked right into the arms of my Mom, never looking back.

The journey of Andrew was hard, I am not going to lie. We had a lot of hard days and a lot of good ones making the hard ones worth it.
We dealt with grief hard. The kind of grief no 3 year old little boy should have. Tears on both behalves and a lot of prayers begging God to heal hearts. He did. God was so very faithful. Andrew is a precious loved Child of God. Jesus loves him so very much. We love him so very much!

Andrew has made so many improvements in the last few months. He loves his family. He is HAPPY to have a family. He now KNOWS what a family is. He now HAS a family. He is no longer without an Earthly Father. He has one who loves him more than the moon and stars and would do anything for him. He knows that too.

Andrew is a cleft affected child and his language is finally coming along SO well. We are so so so proud of our little man! He is proud too. He is doing so well in speech and is coming along beautifully.

Andrew is such a huge blessing to our Family. We didn't deserve him. God placed a beautiful, precious gift into our lives that we did not deserve. He gave us a child that was HIS. He allowed us to hold this special little boy in our arms, kiss his boo boos, love him unconditionally, teach him about Jesus and how good He is, to love and never leave, to always play with and to always adore.

Andrew is not the lucky one, We are.


Sharon said...

What a blessing he must be! He's a cutie! I can't wait to meet him!

Kristi said...

"Andrew is not the lucky one, We are."
I know that sentiment. I try to get that point across to so many...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh are so is truly a grief no child should have to go through. But they are oh so brave aren't they? So happy he is feeling like it is home now.