Friday, November 12, 2010

Lydia Faith comes HOME!!

After God has moved so many mountains for this precious family to bring their beautiful 14 year old daughter home! Last night Lydia Faith came HOME and we were all there to welcome her! I absolutely LOVE going to welcome homes. Last night started out super sweet too. We got to go meet up with another one of our Travel Buddies and some family and friends for dinner. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant, ate, talked, took pictures, and then headed for the airport! We waited for a good 40 minutes for their plane to land and then the best part of homecomings arrived! Watching Lydia touch her sweet American soil!! They Last night was for sure amazing! Lydia is absolutely breath taking and is so very sweet! She became my best friend pretty quickly and was hooked to my side. I LOVED every minute of it! Taylor and I ended up chasing her around tickling her! We do not speak the same language but Love knows no boundaries! It was the most fun I have had in a long time.
Welcome Home Lydia, Kathleen, Steve, AnnaGrace, and MonkeyClaire MollyClaire! ;)
We love you guys!!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures and a video of them all! Videos are always more fun...right?!