Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anna Grace`s Hand

Well Little Miss Anna Grace got bit by some type of insect or spider 2 days ago and it was SO swollen.We took her to the doctor yesterday and she said she had cellulitis! I was SO worried when I heard. When we got her home and TRIED to give her her medicine she took the whole 1 tsp and like a volcano erupting spit it everywhere! Good Times!But later that night she did AWESOME and took it ALL! Poor Hayne has a bad Cold and was up all night....... SOOOOO another visit to the Doctor! As you see we are all healthy except for our 2 little ones. Hopefully when Anna wakes up she will feel better! Today at my school we are having Special Needs Day where we see what it feels like to have a special need. I have worked with Special Needs children and LOVE it so this should be a lot of Fun!