Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Collage of Anna Grace in her 1st pair of blue jeans and Brown Eyed Girl Shirt! She was also standing by herself! She is growing and changing SO much.I am now know as Dissy she is so funny she also calls herself a petee irl-Pretty Girl! It is SO sweet!Hope you like the pics!


Joy said...

Hi Asthon,

I was so upset to see your blog gone the other night! I can't imagine how upset you must of been! That's a lot of hard work! You have done a great job getting everything up & running again & I love the new layout!

Ms Anna Grace is just too cute in her jeans & t-shirt... she's going to be off & running in no time! Look Out! :o)

I am so glad that I finally got to meet you & Ms Anna Grace at the ball game! & I appreciate your advice with the blog... I was able to successfully change my web address... Thank goodness that I didn't lose anything or have to start over! I would of just been devastated (I'm sure you can relate!)

Keep up the good work! I Look forward to your updates!

Blog with ya soon! :o)

Lexie said...

Aww! How cute!! That was the first shirt that we got for our Karleigh Mei. Can't wait to see her wear it!