Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anna is Sick

Well Anna has had a cold this whole week and not felt good but it has progressed and gotten to what we think is the Croup. My Mom has her @ the doctor right now! I feel SOO Sorry for my baby. She looks pitiful and has a horrible cough! Please (if you pray) pray that she will get better and be able to breathe. Here is a picture of the outfit my Mom made her a few weeks ago! I was SO excited to see Anna in it! Way to go Mom!


Anonymous said...

I think your site is sooo awesome. I want you to put lots of pictures of me and you so everyone can she how cool I am. Just kidding.I want you to help me make one so I can post my pictures. I love you. Nana,Fat Boy and Baby Girl

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashton this is Meighan's Mei Mei. I hope Anna starts feeling better. I just love the outfit your mom made her. Meighan really misses you guys and she hopes to see you soon. I really hope we can all get toghether over Christmas break. Meighan sends you lots of hugs & kisses. Againg hope to see you soon.
Kara Kibbee :)

Joy said...

Hi There!

Love your new layout!! Sorry to hear that Anna Grace is not feeling well... she's had a tough past 2 weeks! I pray her hand is all better now! Sounds like the croup is getting several people this past week! I hope you sold lots of calendars! Love mine!

Have a great week!!

OH YEAH!!! Love the outfit!! Too Cute!

alejandra said...

omg i feel sooo bad bout ur lil sis. i will pray 4 her and i hope she can breathe. well c ya th school bye!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashton its Kara just want to say I'm gonna have my own site. I should have it running in a few days. Still working on the name ya might have to help me out w/choosing one. I hope we can get toghether. Today I could swear that Meighan was saying Lai Lai. See ya soon Kara Kibbee :)