Friday, January 4, 2008

Fun in Williamsburg!

We had so much fun w/ a The Kibee family in Williamsburg! We think that Meighan their Daughter and Anna Grace shared a crib so they are very close. On Saturday morning we were eating breakfast and Anna Grace and Meighan were in Ken`s arms and Meighan starts rubbing Anna Grace`s face and saying Lai Lai which is what Anna Grace was called in the orphanage. It was priceless- It was so sad to have to leave! Adam and Hayne enjoyed Christopher and I enjoyed watching movies w/ Kara. My Mom and Deb enjoyed shopping- and my Dad and Ken enjoyed watching football- We had such a great time and miss them a ton! Here are the pics-


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashton
I LUV the pix's of the girls I can't believe i missed meighan saying lai lai i was probablly over in my room. I had SO much fun w/ you guys! I hope we can get together over the summer. Talk to you soon Kara.

Anonymous said...

she is sooooooooooooo cute