Thursday, January 17, 2008

Miracles of Adoption!

Now just one of the three waits. A 5 year old little boy whose file is currently with an agency right now. He has the most amazing personality, all smiles and giggles. His name is Tian Ai and it means "Heaven's Love". And let me tell you, he is gorgeous! I wouldn't normally call a little boy "gorgeous", more handsome, but that's the only way I can think to describe him. He loves to entertain and to sing (see absolute most adorable videos ever of him below!!!) His file has been with an agency in the U.S. since April 2007. And guess what else? Tian Ai even has a grant available towards his adoption that will cover most of the costs! His special need could be completely corrected by the Shriner's Hospitals for Children, FREE of charge for everything: care, surgeries, transportation... everything would be completely free! Also, one of my older sisters had the same special need as he has and had it corrected at Shriner's.Please contact Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah too at if you'd like to learn more about Tian Ai, his special need, Shriners, this will be helped by Bound by Mei Mei`s sister- they are doing such great things for this little boy please help him find a home!

Here are a few photos of Tian Ai:

Now is he not just precious!

Video two of Tian Ai

Now, is he the cutest little boy you've ever seen or what? Does he not have the most infectious laugh and just the cutest little voice?
Also, if you've ever heard of the Bring Me Hope video... Tian Ai is featured in it as well!

At the exact 4 minute mark, the baby lying down sucking his fingers, is baby Tian Ai!!
I need everyone's help. Please, let's complete this miracle of adoption and help him find his forever family too!! He needs us.
Please re-post this or make your own post about him on your own blogs. Pray for him, and that he too will have the chance to find his forever family.
I know they must be out there somewhere, they just need to find their new son!!!!!
Come on everyone, Let's find Tian Ai's family!!!!


katy bug boo said...

I love his personality!